Is your cat bored?


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Johnny said:
My cat is in powder form in an urn on a shelf. I dont think he is bored.
You have obviously never been left in a urn for several years.

This is the coolest thing ever. I almost want to buy a cat so I can try it.



Garbad_the_Weak said:
I almost want to buy a cat so I can try it.

If you want a 15 year old 1 year poweder form cat in an urn you can have it. Im 2 steps away from flushing it all down the toilet but I cant get the urn open and the whole thing is too big to fit in there on its own.


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Dead parrot sketch not included

My cats get excited by watching TV, particularly Monty Python (which is ironic, given that they had a sketch dealing with bored cats). After watching TV, they sit around staring at one another before starting a tussling match which is promptly followed by falling lamps as they begin a mad dash around the room.

I wish my cats were bored! I'm tired of buying new lamps every week.


I just adopted a new kitty on Tuesday. He hasn't had time to be bored. Too many things to explore and the other fatarse cat to ignore. My first kitty is exceedingly mad at me right now.


Well I'm considering sacrificing my bedroom tv, which is old anyway, to give it a try just for a laugh. Not that my kittys need entertaining...the old one is happily slack and little one has enough fun wrecking whatever is in the vicinity. :)

edit: and little one prefers daoc anyway...