Is what you post here a good representation of who you are?

Should I use conviction or pawn it to my mercenery?

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Is what you post here a good representation of who you are?

Kind of an odd question, I guess, but I'm curious.

I'd say that I try to post here as if I weren't anonymous - that is, I try to post as if I knew everyone here and as if everyone knows me. I guess I try to be thoughtful about what I'm posting and how what I post could affect the people who read it.

What about you?

edit: I just re-read what I posted, and it sounds a little condescending. Ironic, I guess. I don't mean it that way :thumbsup:


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i'm the same as you. I try to post what I really feel and represent...though sarcasm and cynicism are a little harder to discern online.'
I'm probably a little more bold and open here than I really am though.

Ash Housewares

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my posting habits are representative of an aspect of my personality with reduced inhibition, I essentially post as if I were drunk


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I post more or less the way I am with people I know fairly well. But I'm less forthright than I am with people I'm close to (just my wife, actually).


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Fairly close, minus the foul mouth, dirty jokes and the "world-can-go-to-hell" attitude I guess. You guys get about 60% of the "true me" - I think that's plenty. :smiley:
I'm usually blunt about everything. I don't give a rats *** about being politically correct, I just call it as I see it. I tone it down a bit here.


In general, I'd say yes.

I have a RL friend here on the forums, he'd likely call me on it if I were a complete ***.

I like to think that I am generally respectful of others in my posting. I enjoy getting a bit silly at times and also try to avoid political crap that I don't feel qualified to get mired into. Pretty much how I am with others.


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The things I say on this forum are representative of the things I think and say in everyday life.

(Minus the spats with Smeg. I'm much too polite in real life for those. Of course, I've never met anyone like Smeg in real-life either, or if I have, at least they were sane enough not to express such views in everyday conversation.)


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I voted no. I generally only post extensively on a few closely related subjects. My actual thoughts and relevant behavior on these issues have a much narrower role in my life, so you can't get to know me through the bulk of my posts.


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Yeah, Id say so. I dont post in the political or news threads at all, cuz its just something I dont really care about. I only venture into about half the threads and only post in the ones that interest me and thus allows my attitude to be close to what it is in real life, I think anyway.


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How do I resize an animated GIF? I have the exact same picture only with Bill Frist's head exploding.


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I think so. Real life me is just an endless stream of non sequitirs, sarcasm, and friendly insults.