Is Vengance/my Paladin bugged?


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Is Vengance/my Paladin bugged?

I have a Paladin who specializes in Vengance. I read the guide and couldn't find this issue.

I am doing about 2k-2.6k total damage, not counting Conviction. My Vengance costs about 8.x mana. I leech for 6%. I tried to eliminate all elemental damage to see what my base was,and I think it's about 600-1k.

But when I hit with Vengance, I'm losing mana. Sometimes 1 or 3, sometimes 5 to 10. I almost never gain mana, and when I do, it's no more than 3 per hit.

Ignoring elemental damage, I should be gaining no less than 60 mana per blow. So why am I losing mana and not gaining it back when I hit? Is something wrong with vengance?

Yes, I am hitting the enemy, not missing. And they have plenty of life, so it's not as though I'm killing normal monsters.

Anyone know why I have a constant mana deficit when I should be gaining mana?


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The penalty in hell is actually that the percentage leech you have is cut to 1/3rd, rounded down. Then you have damage resist (25 - 33% is average in hell) and drain efficiency (33 - 100%). You really need more mana leech to keep that mana bulb full.

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There is a good and cheap way to refill mana/life for paladin. You may even find you don't need any mana or life leech.
If you don't have anything special on switch (like Call to Arms), put a +3 Redemtion scepter there.
This makes sure you don't spend a skillpoint in it. You probably have enough mana for a single battle. Switch to Redemtion after it - and in 1-2 seconds you''l get full mana and a good (probably even full) life refill.
~70 points (lvl 10) of life and mana per corpse - not much for life, but a lot for mana.


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You might find some Damage to Mana stuff can help out. I had on a Naj's not-so-Light Plate for a while and mana wasn't a problem. Take one hit and your mana is full again, lol. An upgraded Nightsmoke belt works too.