Is this worth fooling with?

Would you like to see a Diablo version of "Terran up the Night"

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  • No, it seems goofy for a diablo game

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Is this worth fooling with?

Messing around the Pits today, some monster or other dropped

War Scepter
10-19 damage
4 sockets
+3 to Blessed Hammer

I don't run Hammerdins so I don't know from squat. But should I hang onto this and maybe make something cute in it? I was thinking Rift or Hand of Justice and doing something really screwy with it? I dunno, maybe it's destined to be Charsi's newest acquisition.....


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Hmmmm, you know... You may be able to pull of some sort of a possible build using Hammers+ Holy Fire... Hold on to it definately, think out some things and who knows, u may have the next big thing to build lol

First thoughts off the top of my head would be somethin like this:
CoA (BerBer) (Circ with 2/20 fcr for 125 fcr switch)
HoJ (scepter u have)
Dragon Armor
Dragon Sheild (Spirit in stash for 125 fcr switch)
2/20 fcr ammy
2x 10 fcr rings with gg mods :p
Dancers/Treks/ something there

Gets you all that great Holy fire dmg, 80 fcr (125 if you get a circ and spirit), 86+ fhr with charms, mildly decent +skills, dunno where you'll stand on res wise, prolly fine with the DR from CoA (though im sure somethin can be subbed for more if needed).

Skill wise? i have no clue, equip i just kinda came up with, skills would take soem real thought out stuff so you can put together some sort of build with the most balance and out put you can get.

Good luck man!

-BLoke :smug:


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4 light facets makes it a very good mage weapon.

Hand of Justice with dragon shield and armor with conviction. Max hammers, res fire, conv, vigor, and conc.

Rift would be cool for a hammer/dreamer dual setup with those level 21 frozen orbs. Rift is a weapon i really want to try.


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You get the best surviability possible, make hoj, use dragon/dragon and conviction and get your hammer damage at best you can without conviction. Then you could have an aura damaging them while you hide in a hammer field. Ppl are often scared of hammerfields so the fact that your aura is killing them while charging into a hammerfield could possibly kill them too, they are gona react, and it may be the wrong thing. And you could possibly have alright charge if you can get the ar. 9.5 charge, 1 pt into it on my duel auradin with a hoj cs. You looking at im thinking 5.5k-6k dmg with ur scepter=1pt charge. Not that bad for someone half dead...

IMC :grin:


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Depending on how much work you wanna do, you could make this viable I think. I'm goin to test in some open duels later..but here are my totals for now. :

hoj, 3 BH, warscepter
Dragon Mage Plate
Dragon Vortex
Coa (I used p, you probably wont, get p dr if possible, res is ez to make up)
dungo (p dr if you can)
2xsoj (maybe a raven, need CBF I believe)
Maras (res, stats skills)
Magefists (mana recovery, fcr)

9xpcomb lifer (
20/20 torch (not that Impossible, get close)
20/20 anni (same as torch)
20 life/5 res sc's (I'm not sure how much res youd need, I guess that depends on you gear)

Skills: 20 blessed hammer, 20 BA, 16 Vigor, 20 res fire, 15 conviction (slvl 25), 1 hshield.

For this setup, I think you need about 92 clvl, points could come out of convicton if you added skills, if not ba syns add 100 dmg per point (avg), I do not recommend taking points from res fire, since you have no other synergy.

Totals: I had 3.4k life 700 mana, max res (85/75/85/75), 3k BH, 4k Charge, 440 aura pulse, w/ slvl 25 conv, maxed block, 46 dr. Also my character was twinked.

This seems viable to me, I'd have to test and get use to the build, but you would have to get use to dueling. I think for melee, hammer fields and let pulse do some damage. People will get scared when your protected and they are taking damage. You can desync like hell with your vigor/charge. You have good res vs caster and good speed. BH is magic damage, so It may take a few to kill, but still awesome damage! Also, res fire nullifies any fire damage done to you, and BA if any need of AR. I think if your dedicated, you might want to try it.

Note: you scepters skill adds 300-400 more damage, I definitly wouldnt bother to try this build without it. Too bad there wasnt convictions skills, youd be a sure thing!

IMC :grin: - Hope that helped!