Is this viable?


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Is this viable?

I'v been longing to get rich, don't know how other people do it but i might try this method, if the rune values work out...

1. Obtain Um + Pul
2. Trade for Hr/Mal
3. Trade back for Um Um
4. Trade Um 4 2 pul
5. Voila pul is a profit
6. rince and repeat
7. Study for my HSC!!


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It'd be easier and faster to collect keys/organs then to find all of the people necessary for this.


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Buy keysets for pul each.
Obtain organ set (3 puls worth)
Obtain unid torch
Trade unid torch for ist
Voila, Ist minus 3 puls profit.

Or trade Ist for 2 organ sets, obtain unid torches, and sell them for ist.