Is this true?


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Is this true?

I just read this "your energy shield absorbs elemental damage before your resistances are checked, meaning that your mana bulb is drained in absolutely no time, especially with a low energy build like this. If you have 75% lightning resistance, and you take 500 lightning damage, you'll actually only take 125 damage - harsh, but survivable. If you were using Energy Shield, the same attack would have drained 1000 mana - or your whole bulb, making you unable to attack or teleport to safety. So if you have high resistances (and you should) Energy Shield can be more of an inconvenience than anything else." thanks for making it through that now can someone please tell me if this is true?


It would help if you would tell us where you read it, so I could give you an idea if its credible or just BS without having to go test it.


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Not sure about the resistance thing, but that's why ES sorcs put points in Telekenesis as a synergy, to make ES more effective.

Per the Arreat Summit:

Each point in Telekinesis makes Energy Shield's damage absorption more effective. By default, for each point of damage absorbed by Energy Shield, 2 mana points are deducted - a 200% ratio. Each hard skill point in Telekinesis makes Energy Shield 6.25% more effective. For example, with 8 points in Telekinesis, 1.5 mana points are deducted for each point of damage absorbed - a 150% ratio. With 16 points in Telekinesis, one point of damage absorbed equals one point of mana loss - a 100% ratio.


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Energy shield gets hit before resistances.

As was pointed out, it's not that bad if you max the synergy, and is sort of the point. My PvM lightning sorc has next to no resistances at all = more room for plus skills and MF etc.