Is this the right gear for a Fury Druid?


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Is this the right gear for a Fury Druid?

Hy,I am a druid on Europe,and i would like to ask you if my stats and gear are good.

Jalal's Mane with Um
CoH Dusk Shroud
Dracul's Grasp
Gore Riders
Verdungoes hearty Cord
Raven Frost
Carrion Wind(i also have Bul' Kathos,but Carrion is more appealyng to me)
The Cranium Basher
second weapon=>Honor Ogre Maul
Druid Torch
9 Vita Trainer's,Spiritual's(5 Trainers,4 Spiritual's)
the rest are resist+life,resist+dexterity small charms

Merc:act 3 cold damage merc
merc items:skin of the vipermagi,griffon's eye,frostwind,stormshield

Strength=>roughly 270
Dexterity=>50-70(from charms and items)
Vitality=>over 300
Energy=>40=>from items,base energy

i am lvl 99

20 Lycantrophy,20 Werewolf,20 Fury,20 Oak Sage,20 Carrion Vine,prereqs,

Life:1700 base(with oak and lych)=>roughly 11-12k

my damage is around 44k


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First off is this PvM or PvP?

For PvM your gear seems fine, you could probably get a better weapon like EBotD Thunder Maul or something of that sort. You could also switch the Cariion for a Rare Ring with Dual Leech/Resists/Life/Etc...

Other then that looks good. Grats on getting to 99.


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it is PvM,thanks for the grats,i think i can have a dual leech + life,since i have enough resists........i have an EbotD Thunder maul but the damage never pleases me.......what gear should i take for PvP,i have a lot of elite/unique items on other chars?


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For PvP there are alot of changes you need to make...

Rings should be Dual Ravenfrosts 225+AR/20DEX

Amulet should be Highlord's but Metalgrid is a good substitute aswell.

Fortitude would be a better choice then CoH and it would bring up your damage.

Most PvP druids use a shield, stormshield socketed with a Shael Rune is the best choice. Then there is always the weapon...

There are a few choices:

Grief PB [5Frame, range 2, best damage]
EBotD BA [5Frame, range 3, less damage then grief]
Griz Caduceus w/ 3 x 40/15%IAS + Lo rune [4Frame, range 2, less damage then top 2]

and a few more but those are the common ones.

Everything else is fairly standard but make sure you hit the 86%FHR BP.

Best of luck.


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oke,i have the runes for fortitude,and i think can have the runes for grief........thanks a lot..........what druid/items do you have.......?


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I quit playing D2 and donated my account to the wolfpack.

I just stay on the forums to help with Werewolf questions.


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LesC, ask to change your title to "kindly Old Sage" ;).

Also, its' worth mentioning that it you shael SS DO NOT go for the 86 FHR break point. It will mess with your block and actually make you block less than it you didn't Shael it.


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I was thinking,for PvP,to Shael Jalals and use a Trainers/+FHR charm.......i have another jalal,empty :D


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my FURY does 56k he uses fortap and ebotd tmaul his helm is a +3 ss pelt

rf rings dungos maras gore riders and max dmg scs and gcs


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Ebotd tm is a really bad ideal for a werewolf. It hits a 6fps fury. You would do alot better wit a ebotd greater pole axe.

Also you will not block less with a shealed stormsheild, nor will you get messed up with the 86% fhr break point I use bolth and block, hit recover just fine. Infact I all ways get the first hit in fury vs fury duels.

For a pvp werewolf all you need are the right charms, a good weapon, and 2 different armors. Charm wise get alot of them with plus to life on them. Ar + lifers, Fine sc lifers, and Shape lifers. Any combo will work. You want your hit points to around 7k life. Wile using a sheild.


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well.........another botd great pole axe?:D........i tried it,and it's good,dmg got better.....a looooooot better........55-56k........and i used shape lifers,and shimmering vita small charms.........thanks a lot