Is this normal?


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Is this normal?

I've just started to run Hell Meph and I've never done this before (well I tried at lvl 80 but my merc kept dieing and I didn't have patience for the moat trick).

I decided to track my S/U drops in a spreadsheet and the first five runs looked like this:

1. Beserker's Hauberk, Isenhart's Parry
2. Hwanin's Splendour
3. Lightsabre
4. Gladiator's Bane, Razor's Edge
5. Ormus' Robes, Marrowwalk, Civerb's Ward

I've just finished 2000 Pindle runs for Pindlethon and drops were nowhere near as frequent as Meph.

Can I expect this to continue or have I been incredibly lucky on my first 5 runs?


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It looks like you got a nice drop on run 5 with the ormus and the marrowwalk, but Hell Mephisto does have much more frequent s/u's than pindleskin.

However, Pindleskin can drop some stuff that hell Meph can't (like IKSC)


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You probably have a dry spell soon. How much mf do you have?
Don't expect it to continue. Some will be good, some won't. Sometimes nice streaks, but they're usually followed by a decrease in worthy items.

Edit: I agree, the marrowwalk and ormus' would've been a pleasant drop. Nice find!


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I have 459 MF on. I'm up to 11 runs now and still finding 1-3 S/U's per run. Nothing nice after run 5 though.

It makes a nice change from Pindle though, seeing golds and greens every run :smiley:


Act bosses have much higher chances of dropping S/U compared to other monsters even (super) uniques (compared to that of normal monsters, it's incredibly huge). I remember when I used to run NM Meph with around 100-150 MF, I used to get 1.5-2 s/u per run.

For your results, well, you've been pretty lucky there. Not only you got many uniques, but you've rolled elite base items which have a corresponding unique (it's very likely for Hell Meph to drop failed uniques). Still, Meph's your best bet for the items he can drop; unfortunately, he can't drop the high end stuff (anything over TC 78).