Is this good?


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Is this good?

alright i've finally got my gear set up... here it is:

Helm: delerium (Demonhead)
Armor: Fortitude (Archon)
Weapon: Faith (GMB)
Belt: Thundergods
Ring1: Bul Kathos
Ring2: Ravenfrost
Ammulet: Highlords Wrath
Boots: Gore Riders
Gloves: 2+bow skills with lit res and str and dex

And heres the skill set up:

Guided Arrow: 20
Multi Arrow: 5
Strafe: 20
Evade/Dodge/Avoid: 10
Critical Strike/Peirce/penetrate:5

Is and will this be a good pvp set up?


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pierce in pvp is a bit useless since your going to be using GA the most. ;/ so is strafe. id remake and put points into evade/avoid/ dodge because those are crucial. you might want to aim for 60%ish on all 3. also you need fast attack speed. id get a 120/45 instead of a delerium. for gloves, try something with more ias and resist. good luck with your build~


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dont use deli, that thing is not even as good for pvp purpose as a gaze for the DR, if you cant afford 125/45 lifer


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ok... everything up there i've got on and heres my skill layout:

Magic Arrow: 1
Multi Arrow: 5
Guided Arrow: 20
Strafe: 20
Dodge/Evade/Avoid: 6
Critical Strike/ Penetrate: 2
All cold arrows: 1

with my stuff on:

Magic Arrow: 11
Multi Arrow: 15
Guided Arrow: 30
Strafe: 30
Dodge/Evade/Avoid: 11
Critical Strike/ Penetrate: 6
All cold arrows: 11

i have 2.4k def 8k ar and quite a bit of ias.
i am only lvl 65 right now and i've already owned lvl 80 pally's and barbs even lvl 90's
but there was this one assassin that used DF and WW and managed to somehow evade all my arrows and beat me in speed...

so i was wondering if i should put some points into valk?
also if there is anything there that you think should be changed or improved plz let me know



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get a shako for your helm - huge mana/life, 2 skills, damage reduce, and soc it with 15 ias jewel

also get a eth titans/storm on switch coz you will be running alot, and your very valunerable with the bow slot. So when you run, switch.
ask any experienced bowzons and they'll tell the same thing


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siwtch is nessary. venom owns bowzons so dont expect to beat all of em. my suggestion against ww sins is slapping on deaths hand and atmas scarab ammy.
reasons wh you dont hit them may be either because of thier weapon block, or thier minion stack with shadow master.
again.. SWITCH THE DAMN HELM!!! use andys visage if you have to.


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No love for war travs? You already have high DS with highlords + crit strike

The open wounds will rarely trigger and you have to be over level 90 to even notice it

The crushing blow is useless at a small %

War travs give you a nice damage boost (a 100-200 i believe) and stats


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ok will do... thx guys

btw i dont think i can use shako anyway because of that 7 fps thing i read on another page... that true?