is this good gear??????

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is this good gear??????

my friend gave me this items because he quit playing to make a hammerdin how successful do you thing i would be in hell? im new to the game so i dont no if these are good items or not plz help

these are the items he said he would give to me to make

Heart of the Oak Flail – All Resist 39

Herald of Zakarum – Perfect Diamond, 427 Defense, 153% Enhanced Defense

Enigma Superior Archon Plate – 14% Enhanced Defense, 1365 Defense

Harlequin Crest Shako – 109 Defense, Perfect Topaz

Arachnid Mesh – 93% Enhanced Defense, 109 Defense

Magefist – 27% Enhanced Defense

Sandstorm Trek – 155% Enhanced Defense, 168 Defense, +13 Strength, +14 Vitality, Poison Resist 44%

Highlord’s Wrath

Rare Ring – 10% Faster Cast Rate, Cold Resist 15%, Poison Resist 14%

Raven Frost Ring – 176 to Attack Rating, +18 to Dexterity

Switch Weapon
Call to Arms Crystal Sword - +3 to Battle Order’s

Switch Shield
Spirit Kurast Shield – 33% Faster Cast Rate, +22 Vitality, +111 Mana, 80% Cold, Lightning, Poison Resist, 45% Fire Resist

Large Charm – All Resist 4 + 6% Gold Find
Large Charm – Fire Resist 12%
Large Charm – +5 Strength + Poison Resist 5%
Large Charm – +5 Strength + 12 Mana
Large Charm – 65 to Attack Rating + 5 Strength
Large Charm – 26 to Attack Rating + 5 Strength
Large Charm – 3x +5 Strength

Small Charm – Cold Resist 10%
Small Charm – 3x 6% Magic Find
Small Charm – Lightning Resist 11% + 4% Magic Find
Small Charm – 6 Life + Fire Resist 5%
Small Charm – Fire Resist 10%
Small Charm – 5 Life + Cold Resist 8%
Small Charm – 18 Life + Poison Resist 4%

Vampire Gaze – 8% Life Leech, Damage Reduced 18%
Ethereal Bugged Fortitude Wire Fleece – All Resist 28, 3015 Defense
Ethereal Insight Colossus Voulge – 219% Enhanced Damage, 23% Magic Find


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Seems like the standard rich man's gear, except if you can afford it get mara's + SoJ's (and the anni/torch/pcombats). You can probably even kill fine at mid number of players as of now.


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thats is nice hammerdin gear:

One thing fastercast rate - you have 40(hoto)+20(arach)+20(magefist)+10(ring)=90. Break points asre 75 and 125. So you can easily take the FCR ringoff and put Soj (+1skill, mana) or BK (+1skill/life). And get ani+pally torch.
Merc items are also good (I just prefer reapers toll, as it casts decrepify and slows monsters). For merc try act2 nightmare defensive. He will have holy freeze aura and will slow monsters.


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The gear is fine.. but if you've never played a Hammerdin before, you might have some troubles.

But this can be fixed by a bit of aiming practise.

the boss

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Thats a sick merc, I'd reroll that Spirit kurast and get that FCR to 35% instead of 33%, if you're on Ladder.


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hmmm, basic hammerdin gear, the zaka shield u couldve socketed with a um instead of pdiamond for even more resist, and u could get a soj + mara if u wanted for more +skillz.
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