Is This a Wise choice 4 Uber trist?


Is This a Wise choice 4 Uber trist?

Well ok i got a smiter with the griz set... not just any griz set.... the weapon has 4 bers... the armor has 3 bers, the helm has 1 ber and 1 Lo, the shield has 3 Ums..... i use dracs, dungos, gore riders, 1 raven 1 bk, hilords...

whats the best solo uber gear? GFG Uberdins plz help me!:soapbox:


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that guy i think will do good (although could be a bit faster atk speed)

(i love doing this)

Helm- 69BASE res um'd kiras (84res total, cbf,fhr)
Ammy- Hilords (ias, skills, lite res)
Armor- Um'd Guardian angel (read the mods, noobishly cheap, godly mods)
Weapon- 'ShaelBer' Heavens light (cb,skills,ias, etc)
Shield- 43res BASE 'Exile' Sacred Targe *ETH* (huge def, aura, LIFE TAP)
Belt- tgods (sorb, str, vit)
Ring1- Raven (dex, cbf, sorb)
Ring2- Dwarf star (life,sorb)
Gloves- Draculs (life tap, str)
Boots- Goblin Toes (no frw%, but 10% more cb than gores.)
SWITCH- 5bocta/spirit

he runs ubers in about a minute, give or take.

ps- he prebuffs fade with the help of 'Treachery' armor, i suggest you try the same.


thanks for the help... i never thought about prebuffing fade... Oh and what are ur charms like? :laugh:


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ptorch (he found himself ;D)
anni (he killed uber D himself)
res charms (not sure how many, alot though)
not much else... ;D