Is this a good PvP Zeal build?


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Is this a good PvP Zeal build?

20 Zeal
20 Fana
20 Holy Shield
20 Defiance
rest in Sacrifice

Helm: CoA (socketed with +15 res/-15 reqs? or 80 ed/14ias?)
Weapon: Ebotdz
Ammy: Highlord's
Armor: 'Stone' Archon
Shield: Eth 'Exile' Gilded Shield :eek:
Gloves: Dracul's
Rings: 2x Ravens
Belt: Verdungo
Boots: Gore Riders

Sorry this is probably asked a lot, but I'd really appreciate some answers.


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As he said and you don't need extra ias other than what is provided in BotD.

Use something else for exile, Guilded shield have low defense, use an elite one with ar/ed.

You stone armor will break if it's not glitched one.

You have too little DR (15 from coa and 15 from dungo, assuming they are perfect). Use leviathan or double Ber your coa.

You might have too little AR too, use angelics if so.


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If u think u have good def without defiance (20-25k'is) then u might want to try out B.Aim as something to max.. those 5% ar is gonna be sweet