Is this a good build??


Is this a good build??

BO 20
Shout 1
BC 1
Frenzy 20
Weapon mast 20
Double Swing/Tount 20

Fortitude armor
2x grief ba
2x ravenfrost


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pvm pvp?

whatever I wouldnt recommend 2 griefs, get a grief and a beast for the fanatacism aura. Though on the whole your gear looks good, but I only make WW barbs so I can't comment on the skill setup for a frenzy barb


EDIT: iirc the best weapons for frenzy are last wish with beast but I could be wrong - check Ash's Frenzy guide stickied in the guides thread


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With this setup ya hit frenzy lv 26 using battle command, ya would need 37% ias to get a 6fps attack.
If you could go up to 63% ias that would get you 5,5fps attack.
You would also require 109% ias to get to the last breakpoint neting you a nice 5 fps.
The lower fps ya have the most attack per second ya have, the more the better.

Using a beast wich grant you fanatism level 9, the above breakpoints would be reduced to.

0% for 6fps
14% for 5,5fps
37% 5fps

The 37% would be gain by simply using the weapons and this make great improvement. Fanatism will help you get better attack rating along as boosting your damage. Beast also packs crushing blow wich is awesome for frenzy barbs.

Note that ias from weapons do not stack for your total ias they are individually calculated by the game.

If for pvm I also suggest you invest 1 point in berzerk, this help a lot against physical immune monster and will safe your life if under Iron maiden curse effects. I would also recommend switching boots for goreriders. treks ar enot bad at all but deadly strike/open wound /crushing blow mods from gores are much more suited to a frenzy barb in my opinion.

Hope I helped a bit.


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Iron maiden return your own physical damage to you for every hit ya lend on monsters and even more then your actual damage. Even with high life leech and lifetap on your ennemy you are mostlikly gonna die in 1 or 2 hit.

Berzerk transfer all your physical damage in magical damage rendering iron maiden useless. Be advice that berzerk lower your defense to 0 when using it so just make sure you are not surrounded when using it.

1 point is berzerk is plenty to deal with physical immune and iron maiden, it is also well worth it.


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Ebotd zerker will still have the same attack speed breakpoint as grief and beast, so using a beast with grief or a beast with ebotd would still be better.

As for grief vs ebotd, grief is more inclined towards dueling and ebotd suist ya best for pvm. Noneless a grief still tear down monster fast as hell.

Grief as better average damage then a ebotd, so personaly I would go with a grief and beast.

Fortitude is the best choice in my opinion, the 300% enhance dmage is king, you get life per level and it has decent resist. The cold armor it gives you realy help against ranged monsters since you won't have a shield to block those arrows or javelins.


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friend has got a frenzy barb-

cant remember rings and ammy
2x Lo'd Stormlashes

mad cb, when deadly strike hits, (quite often) he is doing about 8k, also the 33% CTC static is upgraded to a 66% chance. the barb can do ubers -.-


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This conversation has been had before here, but I prefer Laying of Hands over Dracs and a high LL/+stats/+resists Rare or Crafted Ring over the second Raven. As for weapon choice, I'm more for Death and BotD, but a lot of that is personal preference.


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Dracs are NOT endgame gloves, just good gloves to get you there...
No experienced frenzier wears them. Like, at all.
LoH the way to go

Ce Olba

Spankeh said:
Dracs are NOT endgame gloves, just good gloves to get you there...
No experienced frenzier wears them. Like, at all.
LoH the way to go
Again, personal preferance comes in the discussion.

Some people like to have no LL and thus use Dracul's. Also, Dracs provide a very nice amount of LL itself.

As for LoH, yes, all the bosses are Demons, and most of the monsters too. It all depends of your weapons. If you use decent damage weapons (azure, botd, grief, beast, death etc.) you will end up needing very little LL due to the amount of leeched life being HUGE. My own PvM wolf has I think 18% LL at most times and he does damn fine, but that's mainly due to Dracul's. I love those gloves. Oh, and the wolfbarb is geared towards goldfinding, so he lacks resistances. He would probably die in Hell Travincal with no Life Tap.


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I found that putting points into Double Swing/Taunt gives very little actual extra damage, so I put 20 pts into shout. I use beastz and deathz and have very good success with that...