Is this a Diablo 4 artist?


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A 3D artist called Gilberio Magno is working on a Blizard unannounced project. I looked at his art he's worked on some awesome Leroric art which means he could be working on the next Diablo. This is from his Facebook.

Hey guys! Believe in your dreams :)

I can't say the project name for now but I'm very, very... happy to do part of a great project of the Blizzard with amazing team.

I worked hard for this happens. Thanks everyone for all support you gave me until here its was and is very important to me.

Have a happy journey!!!

Notes : I'm not in Irvine, as freelance position!
He has a website which has all the Leortic art too

He doesn't say he's working on Diablo but looking at all the art and all the job postings I'm getting more hopeful.


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To be honest, I don't like these infantile pictures with silly oversized feet, hands, weapons and armor. Bathtub-sized plate mail, boots like child's coffins, a demolition ball as a mace, come on! Besides, it's far too fancy.

Besides, you need a Facebook account in order to watch his pictures. Before I sign on there, hell will freeze over - twice!

The Greek already knew it 2500 years ago: Today's youth will bring the downfall of culture and civilization! :)