is there any build for this


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is there any build for this

Lately this idea has popped up in my head. And need to know if there are any existing builds for this.

it's a version of the lichlord but doesn't use a iron golem

Skill setup
20 Lower resist
20 bone mage
20 skeleton mastery
20 bone spirit
1 in all prereqs.

altho i've looked there isn't really any build that looks like this. Is this a build that might work?

bonemages for meat walls and damage, LR for increasing bone spirit and the mages damage. But the leftover points, where would you put them?


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personally... no offense but to me this build really sucks and i will find hard viable to kill anything in hell.... i understand lower resist for mage dmg but dude... lower resist does not work with bone spirit!!!! bone spirit is MAGIC... lower resist well... lowers resist...:tongue: oya.. with no synergies for bone spirit, its damage will barely pass 300-400 (if i remember correctly)... oya... mages have low life so i find it hard for them to be meat shields... if you want tanks go skelies... but overall with 20 in bone spirit only... your dmg will suck...

i hope you and anyone else is not offended by my comments on his... if i'm wrong, well i'm wrong. but i still can't figure out how he's going to kill with this... is it the gear he's using?


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well it's good input actually. i haven't started this yet as i wanted to know it's viability. i really want to try a build no one has before, but need to know what builds that can be viable overall. I know there are tonnes of viable builds in the guide section.

But i want to try a new type of build that relys heavily on bonemages and LR, yet the lichlord build don't appeal to me that much.


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well... i'm not really sure than for you... its just that when it comes to necros... it requires careful planning... for dmg outputs and all (not sure if i'm allowed to post but o well) You aren't. Try posting this link. it has the 1.10 dmg stuff and all but ya... remember to max synergies in any build that you make so it'll be viable... you could possibly try a teeth necro :grin:... its not new... but it'll be challenging and tough if thats what you're looking for... anywayz check out the "question about boner and iron golem" thread... i posted my pvp necro's build there... depending if you pvp or not...


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the wonders of copy and paste....
hey dude. well for my pvp boner, he does around 2.8k spear dmg and 3.2k spirit dmg (not exactly sure cause i haven't played in a month). I'll give you what he uses from what i remember...

Items:(go for fcr.... atleast 125 fcr is a must!!! forget skiller items if you don't even hit 125 fcr break point... oya if you don't know.. fcr = faster cast rate)
Wiz spike
Spirit Monarch shield
plus 1 necro ammy with some resist (not very good compared to the pros here... )
two fcr rings (both have 10 fcr, one has a str mod and the other +resist and +mana)
arach belt
boots.... (not so sure what i had... it probably had resist and plus to run/walk incase i ran outta mana.... but i'd go for crasted craster boots from the hordaric recipe-if you don't know check out or something like that for it)

Charms: necro torch, and around 3-5 pnb gc's (working on getting more if i start again) i also used some mana charms cause i tended to tele a lot in battle

skills: (you can decide to wheter max teeth first or not, but i'm doing that last)
max spear
max spirit
max prison
max wall
max teeth
get ONE bone armor (this should be able to tank up to around 800 dmg from just lvl 1 since you'll be maxing prison n wall sooner or later)
get one skele, one mage, one blood, one iron, one revive (with plus skillers from the items i listed and stuff, you should have aroudn 5-8 skele n mages and some revives.... you use these to tank for you NOT for dmg... theres a minion stack glitch where if you get big revives and teleport your skeles don't move unless you decide to walk instead of teleing again... these act as tanks in pvp for trapsins, i guess wind druids lol... ww barb, etc... basically the skele, mage, n revive act as tanks against most attacks while when they die, you have bone armor to maybe save you.. remember!!! JUST ONE IN THESE)
get the prerequiste too....

use a clay golem... with your skillers he should be enough to tank. i don't see a point in using an iron golem unless you're a summoner because since you're a bone necro, you just need a tank and clay golem has the most life over all... even with lvl 1 in it (this is pvp so you'll be dieing too... meaning you wasted some item you just crafted.. unless its really horrible)

option skills: iron maiden (but u need amp to get it too). i got this because i was used to playing classic and used the old wait till barbs ww, run, iron maiden, wall, he's dead (since this is LoD, i don't think you need it at all because you'll be teleing a lot with enigma)
you could also get decrep for slowing enemy down for a while too i guess... i've seen some pretty good necroes in both classic and LoD decrep when ur in the field and spam spirits/spears (up to you). personally i don't know cause i've never used decrep

as for the merc, i went with a act 2 nm holy freeze merc (def merc) because i'd just tele near the enemy with his aura on and have him slow them down a little for my spirits/spears to be easier to aim and they won't be "dodging" that much

for merc gear i used insight because i needed mana and didn't have cta for extra mana and stuff... as for armor i just went with an easy to find gold skin and for helm i just got a tals mask because they're quite common to find for me

even with pitiful dmg compared to other classes... i can still kill and i can be formidable for godly chars... you just have to get used to playing like a sorc a little... tele around a ton with a patern (or not.. usually the enemies figures out your pattern sooner or later so i just go wild ) so after a couple teles unleash ur spirits n spears.. by the time you do this maybe you have some distance... but overall tele far away and cast 1-10 spirits/spear than go to a difff spot n closer and cast again and basically just keep the enemy on the run so they don't have time to dodge any of your attacks... if they do end up dodging... prison them... but prison doesn't usually work when you hit chars around lvl 90's because they often have enigma to escape this... so it all comes down to ur skill and aim with minimap... (i've heard that teeth works wonders on sorcs... but i'm not sure...)