Is there a viable barb build with this weapon?


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Is there a viable barb build with this weapon?

It is so nice...

Plague Spawn (ethereal rare war hammer)

431% ED
20% IAS
+169 AR
+13-34 cold damage
+3-4 damage

Obviously I am going to upgrade it (and Zod it when ladder season ends since I don't see getting a Zod on ladder...). Base damage should be something like 282-466 1H as a battle hammer, and 401-490 as a legendary mallet. The two things working against it:

- even with 20% IAS, base speed still sucks and cannot shael it if I am going to zod it

- range of 1 :(

So WW is out. My question(s) is(are):

- Is this too slow for a concentrate or berserk barb?
- If I pair it with a very fast weapon, could I use it for a frenzy barb (not sure if frenzy works with average speed in 1.10)?
- Should I just suck it up and make a pally instead?

- also, I am considering only upgrading to battle hammer, since average damage would still be in the 375 range with 89 less strength requirement. am I nuts to think that?

thanks, yomo


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I got the speed, my question is whether or not it is TOO slow to manage in Hell.

I am actually starting to lean towards a Frogger. Weapon speed does not matter and a nice shield will keep me from worrying so much about defense. Plus range of 1 actually will help versus bosses...
Just make a conc barb....i mean with aproper might merc you'll be getting 4-5k min dmg'll compensate for any speed loss and you're uninterrupt...not to mention a tank on front lines so range shouldn't be too big an issue.

BTW I'd say that any 1h weapon with a min close to some of the best maxes would be slightly viable....