Is the D2 trying to tell me something?


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Is the D2 trying to tell me something?

After about 2 1/2 months I've finally got my one and only character, a Meterorb, up to a whopping level 72!!!..yeehaa!..LOL! Seriously, I don't get to play much so be nice:laugh:

Before tonite I really haven't found anything of note..Shaftstop/Tals mask/Skin of Vipermagi/Frostburns and not much else. Abut 150 S/U's in total.

Anyhoo, tonight I clear lvls 2/3 in the WSK and out of a Tomb drops a gold Tomb Wand. Been a few years since I've played so it didn't mean anything to me at the time. Put it my backpack and carried on. Then I finish off Baal and he drops a gold Hieophant Tophy(sp). Again, no big deal. I threw it in my cube and went to eat dinner.

I just now I'd these 2 items and they are: Arm of King Leoric and Homunuculus. I dont know how to post the stats, but I'm sure you guys know these things anyway. If I remember right, these 2 items were pretty decent Necro gear at least at one time, yes? Is that still true? Looking at the mods I'm thinking something better would have to be a runeword?

So, your thoughts? Is the game telling me I should be a Necro? Or are these not as hot as I think?


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To me, both of them are very good, I have not found them yet... I traded it for my fishymancer.

edit: There is a link for ATMA on the sticky, a great program to do lots of stuff. You can copy the readout for the stats of the item...


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The Armpit of King Leoric is mainly used to buff/pre-buff summons, but the Homonculus is a staple necro item.


Armpit = okay
Homonculus = Great.


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I believe D2 is telling you to make a Necromancer.

Either that, or gib your itamz to my Necromancer.



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Yes, Necros rock, listen to your drops... I've got a lvl 89 Fishy/Psn hybrid, and I use a AoKL, and a +3 skills Necro head for prebuff. After I picked up a HoZ for the first time, I took it as a hint to finally build that Hammerdin up.