Is the Blizzard Sorc Meph run really all that?


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Is the Blizzard Sorc Meph run really all that?

I've seen a lot of recommendations for this MF combo. I've got Hell Cows, the pits, and Pindle covered, but that's mostly socketable searching. I wasn't too happy with my meteorb in most places in Hell.

I've certainly got the sorc MF gear for this run but how much FCR would you guys recommend for teleport.


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60%ish (30 on my occy and 30 on my spirit shield) and I haven't died yet. Not teleporting to meph, anyway.

And it's not bad for killing meph. =P


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the only thing faster than a blizz sork for mass killing is a decked out fire sork, in the places that uve mentioned. a fully faceted fire sork kills cows in a quickie, even in 8p games.

i highly recommend 110 fcr, just because i like to tele to baal solo. my gear is decent but unspectacular, and so far no deaths yet (hc sorky):

lvl 89

+2 sork/9 fcr/28 str/18 res all ammy
upped um'ed perf viper
2x soj

ali baba/rhyme on switch

2 cold skillers (all i can afford)
serpents of vita gc
rest are small vitas

990 life
900 mana

for just plain meffing 63 fcr is fine - you can usually tele away before the monsters can react with that much. i like 110 because it allows you to tele faster than burning soul's lightning attack (and other odd circumstances)


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i'm doing blizz with meteor as a backup. of course this means the synnergy isn't as strong as it could be, but at least i have a backup if cold immunes pop up. i'm 62 and both skills are between 1.5k and 2k damage. i am lacking a good sort of defense. my next couple skill points will probably be frozen armor and eshield. not getting those sooner didn't prove to be a disadvantage though, of course i've only been doing baal with others thus far.


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im using it now only problem for me is that its my first week back and well im not 100% complete lol so i kill him im about 10 secs or so just so the old school trick where u lure him to the edge of the left hand side on the steps onto the blood or w/e that is then teleport across unleash the blizzard fury


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Wouldn't a fire sorc be more ideal for handling those vamps then? They can be a pain. Especially if you're going for MF over Dwarf Stars.


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lets jusy say making a fire sork with comparable damage to blizz gets pretty expensive. comparison of my 2 sorks:

shako, ss, 15% meteor ormus, arach, +3 fire ammy, magefist, treks, bk/soj, wiz, 6 fire skillers

shako, ss, viper, tgods, +2 sork/fcr ammy, 2 sojs, magefist, travs, wiz, 2 cold skillers

and cold is still faster than fire.

you dont have to kill the bloodlords if you dont have to

and blizz is more versatile (for mfing other areas)


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just an fyi... you need 105 fcr to hit 8 frames, not 110. Then you need 200 for 7 frames (not worth it imo).

I'd aim for 105 fcr for 8 frames... at the VERY least get 63% fcr for 9 frames.