Is Reality real that great?

Is Reality real that great?

I was sitting at home, thinking about which online game I wanted to play when my mind begun to stray....

Technology is growing these days, Gaming has been taken to a new level with the use of the Internet and now entire "realities" are being created for anyone and everyone who is willing to enter.

It makes me wonder, what makes these realities more inferior to the current reality we call "Real Life"?

Lots of people frown upon those that lock themselves in a room and lose themselves to the cyberworld and I'm thinking why..

With the Internet, everything and anything can be handled without leaving the house (food/shopping/hire cleaners) and the Internet provides a social life as well.

It seems the only thing a person may have difficulty doing is making money to provide all the necessities.

However, these days online games is establishing an economy that has ties to real life and real life currency ie. selling items on Ebay.

Though the amount of money you can make from playing video games is currently quite low, eventually wouldn't the online economy improve and become more valuable?

Then is it bad?

In the end, what makes this current reality more better than many others created in cyber space?


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Hey how is the olliphant?

There are still things like human contact which you will never be able to get via an internet connection. But as things continue, I do think gamming and online "lives" will become more popular. Is this a good thing? Probably not.


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Well it may answer to question "where are we going to put everybody" in the world gets more crowded everyday. People will make their lives basically online, work/play/routines. All we need is tall apartments with many rooms..and those will will fill'em up...hay, dont we alrdy have this?


well, if the transdentalists were correct about anything, it is that life can't really be a fulfilling experience without intuition, which you don't really get at your computer. hell, you don't get anything, really. you can start e-dating some chick, but it's only 50% real--you can't touch her or look at her, she could even be a man. you could have a big base/house all souped up with a bunch of luxuries that you can only look at, not enjoy. everything is limited to what your eyes can see, what you can hear, and the keys you touch.