Is my Druid Salvagable?


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Is my Druid Salvagable?

I always feel like such a noob when I ask questions on here, but I guess I really am new to a lot of this information and so you guys are the best place to turn to for answers. So I figured I would ask for advice again.

I recently hit Hell for the first time with my Druid, and wow. I am having a hell of a time, especially with all the cold immune monsters. Today I ran across two Champion Gargantuan Beasts (cold immune), and I was spamming Armageddon and Tornados, but they would kill my mercenary fairly quickly, as well as my grizzly. If I ported out to recoup, they would be at full health by the time I got back (that's some insane regen ><). So my question is this, is my Druid workable somehow in Hell difficulty?

To help, some background. I originally started this character in patch 1.09, and he was my first character to complete Normal difficulty. But then I got tired of Diablo, and stopped playing for a few years. When I came back to him, just recently, I upgraded to patch 1.10. He was what you would call "untwinked", but only because I didn't have access to ATMA or these boards, and I hadn't done any MFing. Once I did find these boards, I realized that I had probably made some mistakes in point allocation, out of ignorance. But I thought that I could make him work. So I pumped up his hurricane and tornado, and made it through Nightmare level fairly easily. Now, though, I am beginning to wonder. ><

He is currently level 68, and his point allocation (before equipment) is as follows:

Cyclone Armor: 4
Tornado: 15
Hurricane: 20
Volcano: 3
Armageddon: 3
All others at 1

Shape Shifting:
Werebear: 1 (Oops ><)

Raven: 5
Spirit Wolf: 3
Dire Wolf: 4
Grizzly: 3
Poison Creeper: 2
Carrion Vine: 2
Solar Creeper: 1
Oak Sage: 2
Heart of Wolverine: 1
Spirit of Barbs: 2

His stats are:
Strength: 110
Dexterity: 56
Vitality: 174
Energy: 85

He has +2 to all skills and +2 to all Fire skills from his equipment. Resistances are a little low, but he just entered Hell. I can post his complete equipment here if you want, I just don't want to take up any further space. Oh, he is also using an Act II Holy Freeze mercenary. I want to know if this is salvageable. >< Any advice would be very much appreciated, as I've had this character for a long time, and don't particularly want to scrap him. :rolleyes: Thank you.


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which merc are you using?
and do you have good gear for him?
i suggest shaftstop armour, and a helm with +leech, or damage reduction (rockstopper)
NM meph can drop those.


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Agreed on the first two posts, and it also seems like your level is a bit low for hell, especially since you don't have every single point spent efficiently. Ugh, what an ugly sentance that was. Time for bed.


edit: first three posts


i dont know if i d atempt to rescue him, imo it s a realy wide strech of skills, no specific highlights in summoning ( but still alot of points in it ) and only maxed elemental skill is hurricane where it is only a nice addon to the tornato skills in the cookie cutter wind druid build... so i think you shouldnt try to save this one, rather make a new one. :uhhuh:

try to choose to make either wind or fire druid, or a summoner druid ( of course you would have much more fun there whit a necro... ) but not a mix of all 3 of them, you dont have the points

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It's going to take a while, but as mentioned in some of the above posts, he can beat hell. To faster get +skill charms, use the cube recipe 3 perfect gems + magic item= magic item of same item level. Collect all flawless gems and cube them to perfect, and in collect all grand charms in hell, or run worldstone keep in nightmare a couple of times to level up a bit first. If your grizzly is dying too fast, put more points in what gives him life, either the skill or one of the synergies, and also increase oak sage, the latter gives life to the whole party, so can also increase merc survival time. For the mercenary, make sure that he has life steal on some equipment, if you don't have anything, gamble.

edit: you mentioned his resists are low, but are they negative? You can use the same cube recipe mentioned above on all blue items, so you can also try to make resist all small charms. Try to gain positive resists, or at least non-negative. In general lightning resistance is most important followed by fire and cold, there are however areas were poison resistance is more important. More important than poison resistance is however poison length reduction, an affix that can appear on magical items (not to mention rare, set, unique, etc). You can also try to make runewords and crafted items (for recipes, see the Areat Summit), if you don't have the runes, visit the Countess, if you don't feel ready for her at hell difficulty, try at nightmare difficulty, most (if not all) of the crafting recipes require runes that she can drop in nightmare. In either dificulty, you'll mostly get the lowere level runes (el,eld,tir,nef), but you can cube them up. Particular tricks to improve your resistance are socketing a three or four socket shield with perfect diamonds (since your dex is low, the increased defence from the runeword Ancient's Pledge won't help you too much), If you're resistances are not that low, use the Rhyme runeword instead (shael-eth in a two socket shield), this gives cannot be frozen as well. Other good low level runewords are stealth (tal-eth, two socket armour, gives faster run walk, faster cast, faster hit recovery, mana regeneration, poison resistance)), lore (ort-sol, two socket helm, lightning resistance, +1 to skills, damage reduction, mana), strength (for the merc, amn-tir, two socket melee weapon, gives lifesteal, enhanced damage, crushing blow, strength).


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I'm using an Act II Holy Freeze Merc. He's using Venom Ward Breast Plate, Athena's Wrath Battle Scythe, and a Superior Giant Conch.

I like to do full clears, which I did on Nightmare, so I thought I'd be ok in the level department. But I guess not. What level should I shoot for?

Yeah, I realize the skills are a bit spread out. When I made him I was in "let's try out all these new skills" mode, and didn't realize that my experimenting might doom him later on. I was under the impression (from reading some guides) that wind druids used Hurricane a lot, with Tornado and Twister to supplement (and for cold immune monsters). Am I wrong in this assesment?

No, his resists are not negative in Hell, thankfully. They are just not terribly high yet (single digits to teens). Thank you for the runeword/equipment suggestions. I have been using an Ancient's Pledge Ancient shield, which helped with resists in Nightmare. Guess Rhyme (or 3 pgems) would have been a better choice, though.

Thank you all very much for your thoughts.


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If you've got some spare money I'd try gambling for circlets for your merc. Hopefully you'll get a nice rare one with some life leech for him. He has no leech at the moment and that will severely limit his survivability. I'd also suggest running NM Meph or Baal if you can handle him for some items/experience. You're merc could also use a new armour. Venom ward has no really useful stats and also very low defence. You'd be better off with almost any rare exceptional armour on him. Once you can kill in hell, I'd look for an elite polearm/spear with 5 sockets to put Honour in for him. 160% ed, 25% deadly strike and life leech as well as other useful stats. If you can find an etheral one - even better. A Thresher or Cryptic axe will get 5 sockets from Larzuk if you can fund an unsocketed one of them.

I'd work on synergising Hurricane and rely on your summons to help kill cold immunes. Between some dire wolves/grizzly, your merc and poison creeper to stop regeneration you should be able to handle them at players 1.

If you don't want to do boss runs for items check the giveaway thread and you should find enough items to get you through.


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I usually don't go to hell before lvl 75 or so. Run NM Baal on a high players setting to get there.
+ skills are needed it's true as is the synergizing of your tornado (the reason why twister should get skill points but you don't use the spell generally).
Do work on your oak sage too.

But he can definitely become a pat.