Is it's possible to fix the game's text files?


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I have seen and noticed a few rather minor errors present only in Polish version of Diablo 2. Would be nice to fix them if it's possible. There was a fan-made fixed MPQ file with the corrected parts but it was for 1.10 or 1.11. These errors were like Anceint Axe (misspelled name) or damage over time from LIGHTNING (yes, lightning instead of poison). Quite minor but still present. The most major bug related to Polish version is a inconsistency in a dialogue in A4. One of the dialogues is different to the spoken part.

If possible, how could I fix that? I hope that won't be a violation of any rules. :) Technically, it would be a mod (so I doubt if this version, even based on 1.14d, could be usable on BNet).