Is it worth it?


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Is it worth it?

Hello, this is my first post in the Necro forum, so most likely no one knows me. Anyways, I have a level 70 summoner necro, with maxed corpse explosion, raise skeleton, and skeleton mastery, along with points in amp damage, summon resist, and revive. I have pretty good gear(Ex: Leoric, Homun, BP Nigma, +3 summon ammy, Shako, Marrows), but it still takes me a long time to kill anything in Hell from the Catacombs forward. I was just wondering, if I had Skeleton Mage maxed by level 90, I would have mid-30's skill points in it, and would this drastically speed up my killing, or should I place my points elsewhere?

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I would definately max mages. Especially when you run into physical immunes, you will notice how useful they are then. Just one point in lower resist will make the physical immunes die twice as fast.

Really you've already done half of the mages by maxing skele mastery, so it is kind of a waste to not have the mages.


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I have very similar gear and pretty much the same build; in fact, I'm not even wearing a +3 summoning ammy, and I generally have not had much problem killing things in hell, at least in a game by myself. As been said, what really kills things is not so much my skeles as it is my corpse explosion on amp'd monsters.

So far, I havn't had a need for mages with my skeles, revives, golem, and merc.

What merc are you using? The might aura helps a lot, not to mention the possibility of also having conviction with infinity.


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i got a summon necro to 87 and neglected mages.. now I'm making another one to fix that mistake.

the only reason I want them is chaos tristram. The ubers there are immune to 'prevent monster heal', so the only way a summoner can stop them from healing is with ridiculously long poison damage. High level mages really don't do much damage compared to the normal skeletons, but their poison lasts a -really long time-, and without them you have to be strong enough to take the ubers down QUICK or else they'll just outheal you.
I always max the mages for poison or cold, just make sure that when you get the first body ce all the way its a quick killer.