is it worth clearing refreshed areas?


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hello friends,

does anybody knows what happens when a visited area is refreshed?

the maps are refreshed when I change difficulty or play multiplayer and then I go back to my single player game

do they contain the same experience as the first time I've visited them? Is it worth going through a visited area after it has been refreshed?
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do they contain the same experience as the first time I've visited them?
- not exactly. You can calculate an average experience, based on possible spawn in that area.

Is it worth going through a visited area after I has been refreshed?
- Reruns are usually done for finding equipment or runes and it's usually done in specific areas or on specific targets.
Reruns are also done for exp if you want to level your char a bit or aiming for 99.

You can, of course, rerun every area you want if like it


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There is no content that could be missed, such as a cave, tower, or other dungeon. Each of the maps are basically a collection of several small parts shuffled around each "new" game.

That is to say, the Blood Moor will always have a single level cave in it; the Cold Plains will always contain a two level cave, and lead to both the Burial Grounds and Stony Field.

Most maps contain a special monster with a proper name, this monster will always be found somewhere on the map it belongs on. Waypoints can change locations randomly within their respective levels, but will always be found in the same named area of a given act.

So, when a previously cleared area is revisited, there are 2 scenarios:

a) You are playing single player, and do not change difficulties between reloading: The map will be precisely as you last cleared it, your automap will be complete, the monsters within that area should remain mostly unchanged (location and breeds). The monsters WILL have new possibilities to drop items, they won't drop the same each time you kill them. This also applies to chests and poppables such as barrels or logs.

b) You are playing multiplayer, or change difficulties: The contents of each map will be shuffled, that is to say the waypoint will most likely be in a different sector of the same map, the monsters will be moved, and even changed to different types in many cases.

When thinking of maps, I think of them as a deck of playing cards. When a map is refreshed, the cards are picked up, shuffled, and spread back out again. Each card represents a certain point of interest or aspect within the map. Each map has certain things it will always contain, only the position within the level changes.

Whether it is worth rerunning is entirely up to you. Most tournaments forbid this, playing at your own pace you may want to look for upgrades to items in a place you know you have successfully cleared previously. In a single player setting, you may find a map where a chest or specific monster may be very close to a waypoint, in this case you may choose to keep this map and continue to rerun that same area multiple times for items, or experience.

If you are asking if there can be anything "new" in a refreshed map, the answer is basically no. There's no special content or rare quests/side areas, such as the Butcher quest from Diablo that doesn't appear in every playthrough.


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right, when you clear an area and you come back later it is logical that there will be fewer monsters

but what about when you clear an area, change difficulty and come back? Even if it was cleared before, the map is new. So now you are in an area you may have cleared more than once and the map is new. You see nothing when you press the TAB key... Will the area contain all the monsters as if you are visiting for the first time, or a little bit fewer, since you have cleared it before?
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It will be random variance depending on the map seed and chance (each run isn't identical even for the same map).

This rarely matters except in extremely narrow circumstances like the MFO where players try to find the most "optimal" maps possible, containing as many unique monsters (with the randomized special names and minions) as close together as they can, to maximize bosspacks/second.

If you watch any MFO video you will see the variance in action, for bosspacks. It also happens for regular monsters as well but it's harder to spot since the player who is zipping around doesn't care about those. You will see if you do it yourself, though.

edit: You will find NO connection between map and drops EXCEPT
1) weapon and armor racks will be somewhat reproducible in recent versions (this is exploited more in older versions like 1.07 for a couple of reasons)
2) Very old versions like classic 1.00 will have MONSTERS in the same positions drop the same items, with a tiny bit of variance. This depends on behavior, exact position of death, as well as map seed. This is used to exploit boss packs near waypoints or the cow king. Lots of detail on this in the 1.00 cow running thread by @Treeharl


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No, the amount of monsters is not affected by how many times you have cleared it before. Each area has a number of possible monsters, which spawn with a certain number in each pack, and the monsters will be generated from the areas "deck of monsters" each time you start playing a character.

EDIT: Ah, pharphis was quicker!


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so, lets say that I'm in hell and my char is 85 lvl and that I am starting act II

I am under the impression that I will get more experience if I clear rocky waste (alvl75) plus stony tomb (alvl78-79) for the first time than from doing a pit (re)run (alvl85)
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If you're char level 85, you'll get basically no appreciable experience from killing level 75 monsters. Once you get more than 5 levels higher than a monster, there's a (fairly steep) exp penalty that kicks in. If you're level 85, running the Pits will give you very good experience.


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I see that point, that's what I read in most guides for leveling

was curious though, restored one of my chars... found an old bowazon, level 83 at the start of actII

I got 5.979.171 exp pts from reruning the pit and 7.916.474 from clearing the rocky waste and the stony tomb for the fist time
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Here's a list of the areas in the game and their area levels. The Pits have alvl85, which is the highest in the game, along with a few others.

I don't know exactly the sizes of the Rocky Wastes + the Stony Tomb in relation to the Pits, but experience comes down to multiple factors, including the exact monsters and how many of them you are killing. Maps have a range in terms of the amount of monsters they spawn, maybe the two runs are similar in area but your Pits run featured a low roll on number of monsters and the Stony Tomb rolled a high number of monsters, or perhaps the combined Rocky Wastes + Stony Tomb simply faces more monsters. Number of unique and champion monsters also affects the experience gained.

Without knowing what you're looking to achieve from your running, it's tough to give specific advice, but for leveling in general, you want to choose a target you can run quickly that's within 5 levels of your characters. For instance, a bowazon can fairly comfortably level to 94 in the Pits, because that's where she goes past being 5 levels higher than unique monsters in the area.

If you're looking for leveling up your character and finding gear before proceeding through the game, the Pits, being alvl 85, can drop any set or unique item in the game, and there's not really a better farming target for a bowazon in the game than the Pits.