Is it safe?


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Is it safe?


I got a anni that i dont need, so im going to Offer it on the trade forums, but the thing is, is it safe to trade with most ppl in these forums? will i get my precious anni scammed from my trusting self by one of the members? im not sure what to do, should i risk it? Or is there a technique for trading anni charms . . . hmmm, heeelllppp meeeee.


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If on USeast Ladder I'd gladly take the Anni, I assure no scams.

But I'd be REALLY careful.
trading anni's on these forums is safe. Ask a pal or another trusted forum member.. eg someone with a high post count, to ask as a middleman and make sure everyone leaves the trade happy.
Post in the soapbox of your trade forum asking for a middle person, and they will respond. I am always glad to help, I only play on USEast.
Hope that helps!


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Yeah forums is safe, but channels is a BIG NONO.

But be wary, some people might wanna take advantage of u too.


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The forums are amazingly safe. Somewhat surprisingly, you almost never hear of problems. I have traded three anni and one gheeds using the forum and have not had a problem yet. I have also done many trades on the forum where people have helped me mule etc. All that being said, it can't hurt to note if the person you are trading with is a long time user in the forum. If you are uneasy because the person is new, there are completely trusted members who will act as a moderator.


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In 3 years on the forums, I have never heard any complaint of a scam done by a member here. I think you're safe. But don't try it with someone who is brand new here (like 5 posts), you never know.


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Like everybody else in this thread has said, the trade forums here are quite safe; after all, most of us are members of these forums to escape from scams, not to cause them. If you are still nervous, ask a respected forum member to be a middle-man for you.

I've gotten great deals through the trade forums and am not reluctant to handle all my trading needs through that avenue. My experience with forum-members there has been nothing but positive.

Dracoy is very right -- stay away from the channels if you have an annihilus to trade and are not up to speed on how you can be scammed.


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I'd say it's safe to do in the forums. I mule in some trade games and I come back with all my items there. 8P