Is it me, or...

Is it me, or...

...are the forums basically getting whackier by the day, even by the minute? I only ask because I want to make sure it isn't my computer or internet connection doing something strange. Pretty much every other time I click on a thread or a different forum I get the 'cannot be displayed' type message and have to wait a while for the forums to be available again.
This is not a rant, or a flame against the admins, only a quest for knowledge.


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I've gotten that error for almost a whole day once. Needless to say, I was forced to shoot squirrels with a rocket launcher from my bedroom window.


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PPhh, you think THAT'S bad? I was subjected to a FULL day's worth of no OTF. I still pains me to talk about it...

Suicidal Zebra

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Yeah, the forums seem about as stable as the town drunk doing a handstand.

Are we heading for another forum reset you reckon?



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It used to do that for me a bunch, now I am finding accessing everything pretty much the way it used to be, but a couple burps here and there.


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Yeah, I noticed that too and was gonna post something in a thread that had started a somewhat similar topic, but got deleted while I couldn't access the forums due to a database error... Kind of ironic if you think of it... Luckily I had saved it in case such a thing happened, so I'll post it here instead.

The discussion was starting to be people whining about the fact that the forums were acting screwy, and I don't blame the mods or admins for deleting it, because no one's in the mood to listen to more people whining about the forums and such. Useless. Here's what I had originally typed up.

Here goes:
"Server problems do thoroughly annoy me. But, you have to realize one thing.

With something like several tens of thousands of members, these forums chew up a fair amount of bandwith. And, my guess is, they need a rather large system to take care of it all. And, like all good things, with something that size, things are bound to go awry from time to time. Thus, I would say it's not something to complain about.

I am thoroughly annoyed when I try to visit the site but am greeted by a white screen with a little black writing in the top left corner. But I am willing to deal without complaining because I understand (very minimally) the hardships involved with trying to keep something this size running day and night, 365 days a year.

On that note, congratulations for doing all this to the technical team who runs all of this (I won't give any precise names, since I am bound to not know some of the people that take care of this, and wouldn't want anyone to go unnoticed)."

Anyways, that's what I think of it all. I'm willing to be patient with the servers and such. But one thing is for sure, it has all been going a bit screwy for the past little while. And one peculiar thing I noticed is that I couldn't access the OTF (just that specific forum), but all the rest of the forums on seemed to be working without a problem... Might be we have a forum gremlin attacking the OTF?


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i get an error screen on basically every other link i click..

a few days ago mine was down for the whole day.. that was definitely annoying, but nothing i can do about it, so may as well not whine :)

all the sudden tonight my regular members are displayed in that nasty *** orange color.. i know this is normal for most of you but mine were displayed in white before :(


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I'm snooping around the forums all the time. I've noticed database errors at least once per day for the last couple weeks now. I hope we aren't going to have another major forum crash like the last one (was it June of last year?).

If the forum does have to be reset again, Ash will probably have a meltdown. :p


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Sure, can be a pain, I usually get the database error thingies. But it seems like they're doing loads of work on them, so understandable it goes a bit wonky at times :)


Yea, Satrina is right.

If they are down its usually because they are trying to improve them.

So, as annoying as it can be, just have patience, they are trying to make things better.


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Dredd said:
I'm snooping around the forums all the time. I've noticed database errors at least once per day for the last couple weeks now.
Noticed it too. 2 times Sunday I think too.