Is It Me?? (Or just not enough MF?)


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Is It Me?? (Or just not enough MF?)

I'm playing a hammerdin (lv79) with the following eq:

3-PTopaz helm (peasant crown)
4-PTopaz Armor (Viper magi)
Rhyme Grim Shield
Suicide Branch
40 Chance guards (frostburn)
44 War Trav (silkweaves)
Rings w/ Resists and such... (no MF rings)
Tal Belt
Ammy w/ Resists (no MF)

I just have no damn luck at all. I was doing some pit runs, and all i get are junk. PERIOD. After about 15 runs, I did not find a single Decent Uniq or set. All I get are Anglic Sabers and such. I was wondering, is it me? or do i need more MF. I don't got internet at home, so trading is not an option. All the other itmes i got are from NM with other Characters (muled through ATMA).

So what should i do now? Should i continue to do pits? or should i go on to the other acts (i'm in act2 hell right now)? Should i do nm Baal?(if so, what kind of eq should i wear for max MF and not die)

I'm just kinda lost. Blah. Thx.


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leeye84 said:
After about 15 runs, I did not find a single Decent Uniq or set.
So what should i do now?
well you should start doing those 15 runs x 10!

if you would have found anything very nice within those 15 runs then you would have been lucky!
The fact that you're getting sets consistantly means that you have more than enough mf. MF just attributes the quality of the item that drops. It's the Random Number God (RNG) that determines whether or not it's useless.


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Yeah, as others said. You have to run much more, then you will see the results. Those high TC items are hard to find. But if you are looking for items from TC75 or lower, you should try hell Meph (he can drop TC78 too, but chances are not too good). Pit is maybe the best place if you want those items Meph can't drop


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as others have said, hell meph is an awesome place to begin MFing. the items he can't drop are very rare no matter how much MF you have and no matter what area you are MFing in. your gear looks pretty good... you could do better if you go after hell meph or NM baal for a while and try to find yourself some things like Harlequin Crest, Skullder's Ire... Nagelrings are a great easy way to get some MF. you might also think about switching your suicide branch for a wizardspike. that weapon can do wonders for your resists in hell (75% to all resists) and also has lots of faster cast, faster mana regen. its a hammerdin's dream weapon. the really nice thing is that this frees up other slots - especially your rings - for MF gear.

the one most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to be able to kill as fast as possible with as much MF as possible. so don't trade off too much kill-speed for high MF. you will only find good items after quite literally thousands of runs, so you want to kill as many monsters as possible as fast as possible. a good goal for MF is ~300%. that way you can still kill, have high resists and have good chance of getting unique.

oh yeah, don't forget about charms either... if you start collecting perfect gems, you can cube small charms with up to 7% MF. keeping 15 of these in your inventory is an easy way to an extra 105% MF without sacrificing anything from your gear. alternatively, you can get small charms with resists, so you can have your gear focus on MF. you see my point right? good luck!!!


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Champions drop one item and supers drop two. The only good thing about the pit is the high level items that can drop there. Your MF is high enough you just need to do more runs to increase your chances for a good drop. But, like the others have said, Hell Meph is the best place for quantity over quality. Most people who run the pit are looking for items Meph can't drop.