Is it just me?

Ash Housewares

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I asked the same question but Anyee got all snippy and Freet closed it

it's happenning alot, I couldn't get here at all last night, it seems to come in waves where I get it a ton and then not at all

Suicidal Zebra

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Pretty sure it is related only, mainly as I have had loads of problems with here, but not the main page.

Most likely there is some problem with the server that all the threads and stuff is accessed from. However, due to a distinct lack of vBully knowledge there is not much more I can offer in diagnosis ;).

But hopefully you are right, with this cash something can be done to make things more stable.


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Yeah... it´s rpgforums and not diabloii. I´ve been at the diabloii site a couple of time when the forum has been down and the trade links in the little box at the top right haven´t worked.