Is it just me or...


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It doesn't go down it just has a lot of traffic, look at the logged in user list at any given hour.


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No problems here, I guess that's because I'm sleeping when most Americans are awake :grin:

For a second I thought you meant the quality of the members rather than the site itself. Because, let's face it, we got a lot of newbies who don't read the rules and/or expect they can get all kinds of unwanted information here.

(questions that have been asked a gazillion times before, when will the ladder reset, where can I download a safe bot, cry because Blizzard banned me or someone stole all my stuff, and I swear I never used MapHack)


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It'S sure if you always connect at midnight or so, you will think the forum is dead, but at about any hour in the day you will see many ppl online