Is CL/Orb sorc a good Baalrunner?


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Is CL/Orb sorc a good Baalrunner?

As the title says I wanna know if its a good baalrunner. Can she solo Baal? How about Diablo?


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Lantto said:
As the title says I wanna know if its a good baalrunner. Can she solo Baal? How about Diablo?
Yes soloing is an option with good equipment. Baal is medium difficulty and CL/FO has medium killing speed against him. Meteorb and Blizzard are much faster on Baal himself but CL/FO is much faster on the minions. It does require a merc

Diablo is easy. But Chaos sanc is really rough on a CL caster since she has to be stationary to cast...and all those oblivion knights... you won't have a merc to tank either because a single Iron maiden and he's dead. *shudders*

Soloing the Big D can be done but don't expect to be particulary fast since you will be doing more dodging than casting.

The two hardest parts in the whole game for a CL/FO sorc (minus any area with Burning Souls) is Frozen River and Chaos Sanctuary.


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Thx! The decision to make one seems to be good then. Since youre the writer of the guide and all perhaps you can answer the 2nd thing Ive been thinking about. After Ive put points in these skills:

20 Orb
20 Lightning
20 Chain
20 LM
1 CM
1 ES
1 Warmth
1 Static
1 Frozen Armor

I'm a little unsure what to do with the rest. Just putting it in CM for better orb dmg would probably be the most common choice, but I was thinking about weather around 10 poitns in telekinesis would make the ES a lot better. With a bunch of lit skillers Id get about 15-20 ES and 10 Telekinesis, I'll also probably have pretty good mana (aming for around 1000-1500). With the 10 ES and 1 Telekinesis I use on my cold sorc I can hardly use it at all. Would it work better this way or should I just go for CM?


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.....I know this is a personal BIAS, but I have tried it, ES will drain all your mana out without enough in TK. I would have not put that many points in support spells such as Frozen Armor and ES, instead if you really want those, get a orb that does +ES and Frozen Armor, then cast them while in town, then go and do Baal. Those should last a while with decent +skills.
The problem with the build (or any sorceress) attempting Baal, is his mana drain spell which is a pain in the a**. I would increase points in CM simply to hit the 17 margin, then just do whatever you want. This should work out fine, but I would watch out for high damage elementals (i.e. Bartuc, champ Gloams...etc). Since ES is calculated before your resist. You will be taking the full blunt of the damage on your mana, if you calculate it.
500 damage gloam (theoreticly, it could be more based on #of Gloams)
75 absorb to mana with +skills (also a geuss)
Let's say you have 75 lightning resist
125 damage x .25= 26 damage to your life
375 damage x 1= 375 damage to your mana.
So you will be taking 375 damage into your mana with a single Gloam shot, now lets say there are 5 gloams.
375 x 5=A sorceress without mana, who is going to have to use a full rejuvie to stay alive B/C the Super mana potion won't have enough time to fill up her orb =-)
But with good skill at teleporting, and having a mer tank will greatly increase your survival rate, I mean theoreticly, you shouldn't get hit if you have teleport =-).


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My personal bias is ES is a good point to have, synergizing it is even better.

You want CM at 17. Plan your equipment and pump CM enough to hit 17 with +skills. That way your Orb will have -100 resists - it's worth it.

You should have a few points left over to synergize ES a few times. Each point you put in TK will decrease the damage to mana ratio by 6.25%.

So yeah, TK and CM for your remaining.


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CM will make Orb MUCH more effective. wangboBW, you are right abbout ES - it is very dangerous. You can lose all your mana if you get hit a couple times. You can't pump TK to make ES better 'coz you will need those skill points in CL synergies and CM for mor dmg. I like frozen armor. It will save your life if you get swamped. It freezes anything that hits you, giving you a chance to tele out or Orb them. A high lvl CM will break magic immunes (NOT cold immunes). I don't know the actual math/code/stats behind it, but it works fine for me on Hell ladder.