Is Azurerath viable for PvP Wolfbarb?


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Is Azurerath viable for PvP Wolfbarb?

I heard gris caddy is the best option for a wolfbarb but I don't have one with 4 sockets, only 3. :/ I went through my mules and found an azurewrath from last ladder. I thought it might work.

My planned gear is as follows
Helm: Wolfhowl
Armour: Stone
Weapon: Azurewrath
Shield: Stormshield
Belt: Verdungo
Glove: Draculs
Boot: Gorerider
Ammy: Highlords/Angelic
Rings: Raven/Angelic

Would the sword work for a wolfbarb or is it too slow? It has a Cham it in too for some odd reason.


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A little slow and also low range at 1 I would go with the faster caddy or even a bstar which should be 5 if I remember well.