Is Anyone Playing 1.07 Beta?

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I recently started playing D2 again and have been playing the 1.07 beta (1.07.41) that comes with the bliss version switcher. I've been playing a barbarian (lvl 30) and sorceress (lvl 34) together and have made it through normal. Information on the beta is very sparse so I figured I'd just list some oddities/differences that I've noticed so far. I have played the 1.07 release version but that was years ago so forgive me if some of the things I talk about are also in the 1.07 release.

  1. On my barb when I use concentrate I get the critical hit graphic on every attack. I haven't tested if I'm actually getting crits every swing.
  2. Sorceress spell damage (haven't checked other classes) is the same as pre LOD and frozen orb is bugged like it used to be in classic (main orb hits a mob and stops doing damage). Although I seem to remember the frozen orb bug maybe not being fixed until 1.09?
  3. Druid helms drop a significantly larger % of the time than the the other LOD class specific items followed closely by barbarian helmets (which act 5 barb mercs can't use). Sorc orbs and claws drop very infrequently with paladin and necro shields falling somewhere in the middle although this is a very sample size.
  4. Life leech doesn't seem to work on mercs.
  5. Item sell prices are based on item durability (like pre LOD). If you repair any of the class specific items released with LOD (orbs, pelts etc) they actually sell for less than the gold spent repairing+original sell cost (even if you don't hit the 25k sell cap). This is not true for wands and staves.
  6. Cain is located by the way point in act 5 and when you click on him he has a 'Return to Hell' option which takes you back to act 4.
  7. The catapults in the bloody foothills seemed to be the only ones that functioned as they were supposed to with regard to attack rate and also being a killable mob. The catapults in every other area are not visible and attack at an insane rate in odd areas of the map. I was working through the frigid highlands with my sorc and I almost immediately died when I got hit by a fire, cold, lightning, and poison catapult at the same time. I tested this and found that in certain areas of the map I would be bombarded multiple times a second by every type of catapult with ridiculous precision. Sticking to the outer edges of the maps did provide me with safe zones where I was not attacked by catapults with the worst areas usually located around the central areas of the map. Even teleporting constantly and popping full rejuvs as fast as I could I was barely staying alive. My resists did suck but I can't imagine having to fight through that area with a melee char even with good resists.
  8. Rune drop rates are very low compared to 1.09-1.14 although I think that was also an issue with 1.07 release version.
  9. I just finished rushing my mules through act 3 and noticed something odd when I killed the travincal council. The first unique council member dropped khalim's flail for everyone in my party and the second one dropped horadric cubes for party members who didn't have one.
  10. The few unique's I've found (skewer of krinitz scimitar, rockfleece field plate, bane ash short staff, and rattlecage gothic plate) have the original pre LOD stats with lvl req's added. Rattlecage incidentally has a lvl 34 requirement.
  11. I equipped sigon's belt and gloves and did not receive the 30% IAS from the gloves although I did get the 10% LL. So apparently partial set bonuses are different.
  12. When you enter the worldstone chamber you appear on the north end of the central catwalk where Baal is instead of over to the right side. Baal's clone also seemed to have quite a bit less hp than patches 1.09-1.14. His mana burn attack is just as hurty as in 1.07 release.
  13. Blood Lord's in act 3 can spam meteors (seems like 3 per cast).
  14. Bremm Sparkfist has spawned with both conviction and fanaticism in normal. The graphics were switching from fanaticism to conviction but I don't know if he actually had both. Listed conviction resistance reductions on the character screen are also very inaccurate.
  15. One annoying feature I noticed was that when you press the character screen key your mouse cursor immediately jumps over in line with the add stat points icons. So if you have the mouse cursor in line with the add energy (or whatever stat) and hit the character screen while clicking the mouse you will add stat points to whatever stat your mouse cursor happened to be in parallel with. I had to reassign my character screen key because I have the habit of checking my character screen a lot while fighting and accidentally wasted a few stat points.

Just some things I've noticed playing through normal. I did manage to roll a perfect +37 mpk ring after 15 rolls which was pretty awesome. If any of you have played or are playing the 1.07 beta I'd love to hear anything and everything about it.
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