is a viable build? n dmg output guesses


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is a viable build? n dmg output guesses

I am looking at two possible builds or variations based on a few items... I am not worrying about the rarity of these items n such just questions on how effective you all think they might be. thanks...

1. based on Double wielding "DREAM" runeworder (giving a 30 holy shock aura) would then max synergies for Res Lit, and Salvation. (40 pts) I would have a Might merc weilding an "INFINITY" weapon to give a lvl 12 or so conviction lowering the resistance to Lightning. hopefully using a "BEAST" runeword as a weapon for the added fanatacism
QUESTION: would pumping Zeal and sacrifice (40 pts) or using Vengence adding the Resistance Cold and Resistance Fire as synergies(60 pts) be better. Because with conviction I would hurt enemies with fire/lit/cold as apposed to some physical with zeal and then some lightning.

2. based on double wielding "DREAM" runewords (w/ 30 to holy shock) having a Might Merc wielding a "PRIDE" r/w. (to provide concentration and might auras) adding to about 545% enhanced damage physical from the 2. then using "BEAST" runeword for a weapon to get fanatacism again. but my question is here do i go with a holy freeze w/ 2 synergies (res cold and salvation) and use Zeal.

ok im not too sure on what the heck i am taling about but here is the jist.

a dual dream weilding zealot with frost aura and beast weap. ORRRR a dual dream weilding venger with a beast weapon. and which is the best mercenary, a Might merc with an infinity(conviction aura) or a Might merc with a Pride(concentration) aura.

and if you can understand all that, do u think they would be doing good enough damage and if so guesstimate as to how much. etc... thanks a lot !!!


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yeah i know, thanks... but The DREAM runeword is for Shields and for Helms i believe, sorry that "dual wielding" is somewhat misleading, its late n such. but his equip would go like that.

helmet- dream (15 holy shock)
armor- durress maybe (ow,cb)
shield- Dream (more 15 holy shock making my aura 30, YES they stack)
weap- Beast r/w (fanatacism)

and thats it... the Merc would have
weap-Pride(concentration) or Infinity(conviction)

sorry i know its a bit confusing.. just try to figure it from my last few sentences on the first post.


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Ok shoot over to the paladin forums and take a look at the Dual Dream build. Then shoot to the Sorc forum and look at the one there. If you can build an Avenger model around it, this could be good, since with Fanat you have good speed. I'd say that if you are going with Vengeance then get Conviction for your merc, with Beast. If you're gonna use Zeal, then it doesn't matter (why not try a freeze merc?).
Yes it is a viable build, and good too. Good luck!