Is a summon necro a good idea for MF?


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Is a summon necro a good idea for MF?

Hey guys, basically I started a summon necro and surprise surprise, I'm curious as to if he will be a good MF'er in hell. Basically I want to run Meph hell solo a bunch of times to get good gear going, and then head off to Baal, my question is, can I plow through everything, and Baal's minions, as well as Baal himself, with relative ease, with my build? Following this guide here, except not upping dex much cause I don't plan to do any fighting myself.


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My Necro without any skiller charms does Baalruns very easy. The only thing able to hurt me is those damn Souls. Iron Maiden is quite rare, and if cast I let the skels kill the damn Oblivions and resummon the dead skels, Although I don't seem to lose more then 2-3 skels per Iron Maiden pack of monsters.

Around 1000hp and 500 Mana.
Skills: +10 all

20 RS
20 SM
20 CE
1 in all curses, a little more in Amp Dmg.
around 10/10 in Clay Golem and Golem Mastery(What can I say, I ran out of skills worth putting in:D)

Granted he isn't using that much MF atm(around 300% w/o charms)

While at Baal my merc with Guillaumes and ShaelAmnAmn Hone Sundan and Duress (95% CB) kills Baal under a minute.

Average total time(without teleport) is 10min.


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Baal is a tough nut unless your dress your merc properly.
He needs guillaume's face to deal the damage otherwise Baal takes ages.

Otherwise a summoner necro is a good MFer


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Alientank said:
can I plow through everything, and Baal's minions, as well as Baal himself, with relative ease, with my build?
I never read the guide you mentioned, but its the guide that's recommended in the necromancer forum, so it's probably ok.

And yes, you can plow through everything, although it depends on your gear to some extent --- you need +skills.

Other than that, a Skelemancer can handle everything, from Fallen to DClones.

Running is a bit dangerous --- I only run through A1 Catacombs or above-ground areas. The thing is that you'll loose your minions along the way, and spread out those that don't get lost --- if you get cornered/swarmed you have nothing to get out. This isn't usually a problem, though --- Durance is lvl 83, River of Flame/Chaos Sanctuary are lvl 85, Worldstone Keep 2+3, Throneroom are lvl 85 --- so it's like the Pits, except that you get an act boss at the end instead of a crappy chest.


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Maxed CE + Amp in a one player game = WMD.
Necros are good at mfing regular monsters, not act bosses.


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one of the best boss killers in the game is a pnb necro, and you can add a few summons to this build. i finally got marrowwalks this ladder, so i made one, and everything was really easy. my main killing powers were CE and bone spirit/spear, summons were purely tanks. i only put 1 point in skellies.

for baal, just make sure you get a few of the demon lords as you can't revive lister's minions. if your merc dies, it won't matter. take the demon lords and kill baal. or, if you don't have any, use bone wall.

bone wall + bone spirit/spear is the best single monster killer, ce is best for groups. imho, summons are way weaker and slower.


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Unless you can afford to equip your necro with Enigma, a necro is far too slow to be an effective MF character versus act bosses, although it might make sense to walk down the WSK and fight Baal or visit the River of Flame+CS and kill Diablo, but the most rewarding part of that will be the way to them - all are L85 areas. Leave Mephisto to the sorcs, as no character without Enigma beats their kills-per-hour ratio with respect to Meph.


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my skelliemancer (merc has kelpie + guillames, he has kingslayer on switch) with 250mf takes the same time to run baal as my sorc with 600-650 mf (on switch), despite wearing an enigma. He's a lot better for cows, mausoleum and so on, but worse for bosses

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If he wears an enigma, just get as many skeles/revives as possible, and teleport on meph, then walk away, and start decreping him. It's funny to see a bunch of stacked monsters killing meph, it's what I do anyway. Fishymancers (what you made) are much easier for mfing the pits, ancient tunnels, and cows, i think you should stick to that. Use the hammerdin/sorc for andy/meph/eld/pind


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Alright guys, so you think it's a better idea if I just MF with him through areas and not so much go after baal or that. Or atleast just focus more on killing the stuff that leads to diablo and baal.


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i dont run baal much but running pindle, shenk, and the other super unique guy is easy with my summon necro.. just make sure u got a nigma and itll b fast.. go to get pindle first there will already be those reanimated corpses on ground u can make those ur skelis then tele in