Is a single element sor viable in HELL?

Is a single element sor viable in HELL?

Can I pump up 1 element, say fire or cold, & still be able to kill monsters?

Yes, i will be using a merc, prob act 2 with insight ( for he mana regen)


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it's easy enough to tele away from monsters you cant kill, so any sork is fine for hell.

"viable" though is a relative term. by viable do you mean killing efficiently the non-immune to your element monsters? killing in 8p games?

8p games, you really have to be of a single element to kill efficiently. any of the three big ones (lightning, fireball, blizz) are fine (although it is harder to solo with lightning)

if you just want to quest it out, killing all monsters in the process, then dual tree is necessary.


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I think it's too frustrating, not being able to kill immunes:( so I like dual tree better. My Blizzard sorceress is finding Hell very annoying, but I think she will be a very cool MF character.


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dual sorcs can manage hell on players 8, over the last 2 days I've made a single player fireball + frozen orb sorc (now lvl 82) whose had no problems at all, doing the whole game with "/players8" (I also can do some physical from a kingslayer conquest sword on switch, plus a upped 'shael' ribcracker I sometimes use). My gear isn't particularly expensive either, my main weapon is a memory and my jewelry is particularly bad. I've sacrificed a lot of mf, and have some -res, but I very rarely die and can kill all the bosses quickly and w/o any trouble. In my experience, it's better to kill quickly with a low mf than slowly with a high mf.

I have tried pumping up a single element once and it worked quite well, but I was also doing a fair bit of physical from a buriza and relied quite heavily on my merc and the confusion from my delirium. It was, w/o running away, quite slow going and I couldn't kill the hell ancients by myself.
OK, Thank you all for your good advice. I am going to make a dual element sor. My Main attacks are going to be:

Hydra, FB, FO...I plan to max Hydra (I just love those little guys!), FM &
FB (might go meteor just cause its fun!) then FO (or blizzard) I will use the cold skill to slow em down, then create hydras & spam FB ( all the while my merc will be (hopefully) having into the baddies).
well Now I am lvl 36...I decided to go Hydra, Blizzard.....I am pumping hydra, FM, blizzard.....might also go FB as a spamable spell

I did not want to go FO just cause its cookie cutter, I wanted somethign alittle different.....


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I had the same plan, to use hydra as one of my skills but I was told that hydra is kind of useless in hell


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skilledlord said:
nope, even a really good merc won't hlp too much.
:eek: ... Yes it will... My lvl ** Holy Freeze A2 merc can kill Hell Andy alone provided I give him an Antidote pot here and there, and can kill HUGE HUGE HUGE mobs of monsters alone with his Delirium. (Half the time his attackers kill each other from Mind Blast / Confuse or just runs like hell because of Terror) Give him a EBotD Pike / Delirium / Shaftstop (I'm not Ladder so no Infinity or such) and he WILL own.
1% Chance To Cast Level 50 Delirium When Struck
10% Chance To Cast Level 14 Mind Blast When Struck
20% Chance To Cast Level 13 Terror When Struck
33% Chance To Cast Level 18 Confuse On Striking
+2 To All Skills
+261 Defense
+10 To Vitality
50% Extra Gold From Monsters
25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Level 17 Attract (60 Charges)

diabloredrum said:
I had the same plan, to use hydra as one of my skills but I was told that hydra is kind of useless in hell.
It just lacks the INSANE dam that a pure FB sorc could pull off... With a good merc though it could be just used as a "Safety" incase merc doesn't kill fast enough, and you stay back recasting Hydras / Meteor here and there.

- Dennis :clap: