Is a Conviction Pally good?


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Is a Conviction Pally good?

I usually play standard fanactic zealers or elemental aura based ones. I was wondering how a PvM-Only Convictioner would do. I dont have much wealth but I can MF if needs be of coarse.

Skills would be something like:

20 Conviction
20 Holy Sheild
20 Sacrifice
4 Zeal
Rest in Defience for the HS boost.

Standard Melee stats.

Would this be ok, and if so what would be some decent gear choices? I figure a good high element damage weapon like maybe a shael'd Lightsaber would be one of the better choices for a weapon. I would like a Dreamer but dreams are out of my price range regretably.


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If you want to use conviction as your primary aura, unless you can afford double dream or dragon, you would probably be better off making an avenger. You will need a LOT of elemental damage on your weapon to make your current set up effective, gimmershred might work, but you still probably won't be as good as a fanatic or holy freeze/shock zealer.


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An avenger (max conviction, max vengeance) is great for PvM, just be prepared to either:

a) pile on the mana leach gear. As vengeance does primarily elmental damage, and leech works on % of physical damage, you will need a lot of leech.
b) Strap on the mana potion foam-dome. It may be more effective, but more annoying to just chug a mana potion form time to time.


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Or use beast, or have a merc use faith.

Conviction pretty much negates targets defense, not sure how it works on bosses though.

Of course, double dream dragon hoj set up will own, anything, anywere.

I just dismantled one, it was to easy to kill things.

Evrae Altana

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You only want to use Conviction as your main aura if most of your damage is elemental. Otherwise, Fanaticism FTW.


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Well you can have your cake and eat it too...

Faith merc + conviction auradin


Might merc with Pride polearm + conviction auradin.