is a 313 damage smll charm possible?


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is a 313 damage smll charm possible?

I saw a 313 damage small charm, is that possible? or is that a bugged item? the owner claimed he had found it. I thought maximum was 175+50 = 225 for a small charm. or am I wrong?


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Poisen suffix and affix doesnt stack with just suffix + affix.

You have to consider frames and seconds and . . . I dont know it all, but the TAO of poisen does. :)

good luck


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Hello All!

It is definetly possible. My hubby and I were doing a blood run in hell just one day after the 1.1 patch, and he picked up a sc. It turned out to be a 313 psn dmg over 11 seconds! (I'm not even going to tell you the guilt trip I had to give him just to get it from his grubby hands! he he)

But yes, possible.