Iron Maiden in Nightmare/Hell?


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Iron Maiden in Nightmare/Hell?

I wanted to know if threre was some sort of list that existed that tell you all the monsters that use the curse iron maiden in each difficulty since im a hardcore ladder melee character. I know some might say that this curse will get me sooner or later but Im still having a blast anyway, lvl 50 with a sexy bloodletter.

Also while on the subject is there other things such as Iron Maiden that could kill me instantly in nightmare that I should watch out for? So far I got 1k HP, 400-1000zeal, 25%hp drain and I just dont see what could get me down beside IM.

Normal: From what I saw so far I think there is only the Oblivion Knight in diablo's lair that cast it

Nightmare: ?? (Oblivion Knight only still or more are known in other areas?)

Hell: ?? (same as above)


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Chaos Sanctuary
Worldstone Keep lvl 3
Throne of Destruction
Furnace of Pain

Any 3 difficulities will kill yourself if you melee attack while cursed in these areas.

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You can easily be 1 hit killed in Nightmare from a Fire Enchanted unique. Even though they nerfed the explosion it is still very powerful. It is more powerful in Nightmare then Hell.

If you have 1000 Life, max Fire Resist, and 25% damage reduced you can still be klled.

I was instantly killed in Single Player 1.11 B a week ago with similar stats in Act V Nightmare from a Fire Enchanted Unique. It was the big monster that has a small demon shooting a flame thrower on his back. These monsters have huge hit-points and should be avoided when Fire-Enchanted. I simply didn't see his enchant until it was too late. A fire enchanted Ancient could kill you instantly as well as an Urdar, Council member and any other high-hitpoint monster.