Iron golems


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Iron golems

If an iron golem is created from an indestructible item, will that golem then be indestructible?


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Gregoth said:
So how can I get the best bang for my buck with the iron golem?
u can make one out of the ik hammer: nice dmg and crushing blow. If you are very rich u can even make one out of a runeword with an aura, like doom or whatever


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IK mauls make very good iron golems, I heard, but you can as well use any elite weapon with huge damage. Ethereals would be better, of course.

I have an ethereal Earth Shifter on my mules (deals nearly 1000 maximum damage) which might become an awesome iron golem...

That reminds me of a story I heard, involving a necro and a barb in a public game. The barb was bragging with his BotD weapon and to tease the necro, he drops it on the floor, just to pick it up immediately. So the necro waited for the right moment and poof, the BotD became his iron golem. Needless to say, the barb went really mad :lol:


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a similar story happened in an anni for enigma trade game (obviously a scam). The scammer was the person who had the enigma and was trading for anni. He decided to drop the armor first which was a big mistake since the other person had metalgrid and turned it into an iron golem :lol: