invisible merc bah behold TEH INVISIBLE CHAR


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invisible merc bah behold TEH INVISIBLE CHAR

i started a frostmaiden this morning. everything good. twinked with full arctic and then full vidala.
killed Andy at lvl 19, started act II, buyed a defesive merc and finished my game. twinked the merc gear with atma, tryed to start a new game then this no char.
and in game is the same, no char at all.

noo even my wolfbarb vaRnished.
that was i bad joke from the game , as after closing the game and restarting everything was OK.
someone else had the same bug?

Sint Nikolaas

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I only remember it happening when you use something like modded D2 (ES mod or the likes, not RWM or RRM). Then the modded version might not read normal chars and visa versa (the will definately not load them if you try to play them, but normally they read them in the character screen). That's as close as I can come.

By the way.. why do you use mules? And... why do you use those names for your mules? :shocked:


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those mules ar only used for gems, low level runes. they all have an horadric cube. and they uppgrade runes, gems and roll the skillers. i just don't know how to use atma to take more that one item at a time.

soul killer

I remember same thing happened to my fire sorc back in my SP days, dunno what caused it, char just disappeared :shocked:


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I'm using an image file instead of the CD's. When another user logs on and then off again the image is unmounted (equivalent of removing the CD from the drive - for those who didn't know).

Complete an act or whatever you can do to trigger a video sequence.
The select character screen will appear as yours do, the character is invisible in-game as well.

I don't know if this only works in windowed mode btw.