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Greetings SPFers,

I'm Hutton, and I've been a lurker here for a while. I've been planning on starting an untwinked character for a while now, and figured I might as well do it here too...

I've played a bunch of D2 over the years, mostly PvPing on back in the day (I played a bit in euro-pvp if there's anyone from there around, though I doubt you'd remember me), and got back into HC single player about 18 months ago.

In terms of RL stuff, I'm Scottish but unfortunately live in enemy territory (England), with my partner and our 2-month-old son.

I decided to make a barbarian, who I have named Terrahork. I'll maybe enter him into the Untwinked 99er Thread once he has gained a semi-reasonable amount of experience...

Terrahork Begins.jpg


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Hutton and Terrahork, now those are some good names.
I have faith that your barb will become a complete bulldozer.


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Welcome to the SPF since there are people more experienced in the shin kicking and wallet stealing i will leave that to them!

For now: Enjoy your stay and happy reading!


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Welcome to the SPF, it’s great to keep seeing new folks joining still after all these years. God bless Scotland and good luck with Terrahork!


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Agreed. Great to have yet another one join the fray :). Welcome here !!

And just join the 99er challenge already. You know you want to :).


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Cheers for the replies, folks.

I'll post a joining/update post in the 99er thread when I get home from work, it's safe to join now that I've not embarrassed myself by dying to Diablo on normal...


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Welcome to the SPF! Good luck with your barb in the quest to 99!

@zemaj - It's been years since I've kicked shins/stolen wallets. I'd probably hurt myself instead!