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Hi all! guess i'll introduce myself
i'm a newcomer to diablo and just started recently
i've been reading these forums for some time now and although i usually play single player, i would like to have some occasional tcp/ip play. i've started from nothin and is still slowly bulding up items. fairly new so highest character has only beaten nightmare. also planning to start on a sorc.
well, guess that ends my post. good day all and hope we have fun :grin:


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welcome to the forums (your shins are in danger) read up on the stickys and enjoy.


Welcome to the forum, and enjoy your stay here. No need to afraid of shin kicks, I'm ready to heal them :grin:


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Hello and welcome to the SPF. We would like to know some more about you, like:
Where are you from, what do you like to do when you don't play D2, what build is your favourite, why did you start playing this very old game? Did you enjoy the very first time beating Baal and seeing Tyreal come down through the ceiling, or other episodes in the game, I can still remember when I first fought Lister and friends in the Throne of Destruction, I died of course but it was great fun.