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Hi guys! I'm a 25 year old DII LOD player from Italy. I've been playing the game for some months (yes, I'm a latecomer :) ), SP only due to a crappy 56k dial-up connection.
I've joined this forum mainly to enter the tournaments, I think they're great opportunities to have a lot of fun.
Thanks for the attention, bye :)


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Welcome to the forum, and beware the shin kickers and the mighty Squid.

What chars do you have/play/like ??


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Welcome Gimli. Hope you enjoy your stay.

*throws Gimli a full juvi and grinns*. You're gonna need that.


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welcome to the SPF :)
and YES its fun in tourneys ;)
i think ull enjoy urself here :D

greetz Ami :howdy:


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Welcome to the forum. Check out the stickies at the top, and as you've already been warned, watch out for the giant squid. Cheers!


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@Rugruth: My most advanced char is a SC summoner necro, level 61, now in actIV/nightmare. I've started playing one character for each class, but they're all at low levels (15-20), since I don't have enough time to play them all regularly.

@Robdylan: Yes, my second favourite char is a dual-axe frenzy barb, but he's still around level 20, so no frenzy still... I'd like to try a barb build with 2-handed axe, they look so cool :D

Thanks to you all for the warm welcome :)


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Welcome! Enjoy your goodie basket of baked goods and squid repelant. Stop on by the EMB some time to celebrate your wins/morn your losses.

As you have gone un-kicked, *pulls back the foot that launched soccer balls from one of the field to the other, kicks said ball at shins* (I know, I just go in to bruise) There, now you may hobble around like an offical new comer to the SPF :thumbsup:

Now, read your stickies, enjoy the tourneys and tell us more about you life, like why you took so long to get D2 and why you don't play it constantly (or do as the case may be.)


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Welcome home. :)

but one quick question....

whats that over there! --->

*whacks Gimli over the head with the Uber Stick of Welcoming*