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Well, what with the board being wiped, I though I might decide to introduce myself :), so hi guys!

I've been lurking around this forums for some time, though I'm still a newbie to Diablo II ( baring my current character, no other one made it past Normal mode ever yet).


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Welcome to the forums.

If you need help getting past normal mode, then I'm sure that there is a giveaway thread round here somewhere, no doubt some nice low-level items are being given away...


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welcome here.

If you do not have a lot of items, you might consider the ladder (SoftCore or HardCore) as well. You can not take normal found items into the ladder.

If you have been lurking around, you should not some stuff. Check the FAQ's for lot's of stuff (build idea's to get past normal in SP for example :) ).

Look at the giveaway thread or if you join a ladder check out the SC or HC Ladder thread for giveaways.


And beware of the giant squid, he probably digested the old forum posts by now.

EDIT: I am so stupid, forgot to say welcome in a welcome thread. I blame durf for this.


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Howdy :howdy:

Welcome to our world of fun :D

Remember to drop by EMB, the first drink is on Mage ;)


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welcome from me myself and I along with the rest of my personalities that aren't speaking to me anymore, they're mad for some stupid reason, I blame Durf for that.

And yep, the ladder would be a great place to start, either the HC or the SC one :) Also there's the tourneys and stuff like that so I'm sure you wont be running out of things to do.


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welcome be sure to dress up with the straightjacket right away :xmad: bucause most of us here arent sane


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Welcome to the SPF! I hope your stay is long and fruitful for your characters. If not, you can blame Durf!