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Hey Guys just joined USEast clan been on the forums for several years back when D2 was the game. Duskmourn in game, I play my Monk(s) religiously but have other classes maxed. Currently planning on doing Season 2 because of that one item...


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In-game name: Exiled
Location: CA, L.A./Orange County areas

Hi all, thanks for accepting me into IncGamers Hardcore North! I started playing Diablo 1 when I got the demo cd inside a PC Gamer mag when it was released '96/'97? Got Diablo 2 when it came out, was addicted, and played HC early on (yes, I still have death screenshots). Favorite chars were Amazon and Necromancer. I tested many cold items for durations, providing the info to Arreat Summit for publishing and earned a spot as a Minor Content Provider in the credits: yay :p

In Diablo 3, I've tried every character, but loved the Demon Hunter early on and stuck with it. Due to packet loss and connection issues at the time, I stayed away from HC. Those have since been resolved and I'm finally delving into my first HC DH for Season 2.

I've been reading/lurking this site since it was Thanks for the great game coverage, Flux and crew!

See you guys in game.



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My name is Mark and I am from the UK. Currently playing on the EU servers and looking for people to team up with. I have just started out with Crusader character and am enjoying the story so far. Hoping to join the Inc Gamers clan once I get settled with the game and it's mechanics.

My characters name is Gaia and my battle tag is Havoc#2408


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Hi, I'm Kyle. From the UK.
Been playing Diablo 2 since 2000. And D3 since launch. I play almost all classes and play HC now. Started with SC and only played Wizard for about 2 years. Ingame name is kyelko#2177
Play almost every night. Looking for some other people to play with
See you guys ingame :)


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Hello Everybody:

Long time Diablo fan who has played since Diablo 1.

Switched back to D2 from 2006-2010, then pursued some hobbies and started my own computer business. Got D3 at release, wasn't pleased with my computers performance and played Warcraft pretty steadily until three weeks or so ago. Then the fogs of evil erupted from Sanctuary and sucked me back into the eternal battle between good and evil.

Just got my first character to level 60 in softcore Expert difficulty and plan on getting the expansion in a few weeks. I played lots of Hardcore in D2 and plan on continuing the trend in D3 now that I have an idea of what the monsters can do.

Always loved this forum and learned much of my D2 builds and strategies through the community. I am looking forward to becoming an active member and getting know or game with you all.


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Hi Everyone.

I'm Chris, from Yorkshire in the UK & am known as Cipherthros on here & the EU server as it's an anagram of Christopher!

Played all the Diablo games since the first game, I was 13 at the time & remember being very scared of the Butcher!

I mainly play Monk, Witch Doctor & Crusader but have played all classes since seasons were introduced. Never quite clicked with the Demon Hunter though which may be a controversial opinion around these parts! Looking forward to patch 2.3 for the 3 new sets for my favourite classes & am torn between Monk & Witch Doctor for season 4. So may end up rolling Crusader instead!

I am now an officer for the EU INC clan so please do send a request to join in game and/or send me a message on here & I'll be able to accept for you.

Hope to see you online & in game real soon. :)


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Hey folks,

Left on a little hiatus, but back now for the lovely new patches. Would like to get into IncGamers West Coast.


Hi folks,

My name is Tom, I'm from Alaska, I like long walks on the beach, and blowing stuff up with frozen orbs :)

Been a long time lurker since the days and a fan of the podcast. Member of clan INC2.