Introduction Thread


Hey, don't be shy!

If you've just joined the IncGamers' Clan or In-Game Community take a moment to introduce yourself. Where are you from? What's your name in game? Your preferred class is? How long have you been around the community?


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Hi hi!

Name is Kim and I'm from Sweden.

I have been around a long time in the diablo community but I am not an active poster for many many years as my post count can tell. Though back in 2001-2003 before the forum crash I was a very active trader and price checker on the EU trade forums. My prefered class used to be Barbarian but I am not crazy addicted to the OP class called Wizard.

I am a member of the Incgamers clan(INC) and ingame I go by the name Tanash.

That's a little about me.


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Hi. Said Hi in the newcomers forum already a little ways back but saying Hi again. Hi. Hope to see everyone in game.


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hi guys, im James from the UK.
currently working as a kitesurfing instructor in thailand so my latency sucks and my hours in game are always spread out alot =/ whenever theres no wind i get to game :)

favourite class so far is crusader but it feels a little weak right now =/

i am a member of the Inc gamers clan on EU servers and hopefully will see you all online.

if anyone travels to thailand and wants to learn to kitesurf .... gimme a poke ;)


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Hi folks,

My name is Tom, I'm from Alaska, I like long walks on the beach, and blowing stuff up with frozen orbs :)

Been a long time lurker since the days and a fan of the podcast. Member of clan INC2.


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Heya everyone! My name is Scott, I live outside Chicago, IL, work means driving freight and passenger trains (WOOWOO) so stay clear of the tracks in the west 'burbs because I'm in a hurry to get done and game more :yes: I've been an occasional lurker on this site since @2000 and have played all of the Diablo's.
I currently reside in INC2 as Caseyjones. At the moment my main is my WD although I'm bringing my Wiz up to 70 and have dabbled into Hardcore with my Crusader. Look me up anytime, I rarely do Multiplayer but would love to with some good people!


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Hi everyone! My name is Josh. I'm originally from Syracuse,NY but moved to Vermont. I've been playing diablo since I was around 11 and started with the original. In Game I go by WillemDafoe. I've spent 90% of my time as a barb, but play a little wd. Started frequenting this forms on a daily basis about three years ago, when they started doing d3 beta giveaways and pretty much have checked the site daily from that point on, though I hardly post. I'm always up for grouping up with people. I currently reside in the Incgamers clan (INC).


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Hello. My Real Life name is Kevin. I'm an Optician by trade, a teacher by inclination, and a frustrated writer by desire. I spend the vast majority of my non-work/family time either reading or playing a certain game you might be familiar with. My BattleTag is TheThirdMan#1575 (recently changed from Loyal33#1754 in order to match my forum name here). I live in the Florida panhandle now, but I've spent a lot of time in various places in New England (mostly in the Portuguese/Azorean communities in RI & MA) and throughout the Southeast.

I've been a member here since the days, although I re-registered after the incgamers switchover. I'm pretty sure I used Solomon1975 back in the day, but I'm not 100% certain on that... hence the re-registration. I tend to post in bursts, occasionally at great length, mostly in response to the news items. Apparently these don't count towards your post total, so that number makes me look a bit more casual than I actually am.

I'm currently attempting to join one of the US softcore clans, but haven't had much luck just yet. I mostly play solo at the moment, although I would certainly play multi-player more often in a clan atmosphere. My favorite class is the Demon Hunter, hands down. I also have much love for the Witch Doctor. My play time has been a bit skewed as of late... starting a new Crusader, getting all the other classes to 70, etc. Once things get back to normal I would say I split my time about 60/30/10 between DH/WD/everybody else.

I'm sure this is far more than anyone would want to know about me, but as I hinted at above, I tend to be a bit verbose at times. If you managed to struggle through all that, my apologies. You should reward yourself by going back to enjoying the splendor that is RoS. I sincerely hope that you're all as pleased with it as I am. It's been a long road, but I think we finally got a game that was worth it all.


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My name is Matt. I'm from Salt Lake City. My battletag is Peacehammer. Long-time visitor to the site and listener of the podcast. I play hardcore mostly now, and my favorite class is either Witch Doctor or Wizard. I played Diablo 2 a lot, but I wasn't very active in any community back then. I'm in the Inc Hardcore West clan (IncHCW).


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I am Phil - my in game name is Shoe. I'm from B.C. Canada and I prefer to play the Wizard, though I may switch my main to Crusader. I have been in and around the community since D2LoD - and been playing Diablo 2 and 3 since release! I just play D3 now and am excited to hunt for achievements and pump up the Paragon levels! Feel free to message me in game if you ever want to group up :)

Where are you from? What's your name in game? Your preferred class is? How long have you been around the community?


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Hey, my name is Daniel, my in game name is Maxfire5. I've played all of the diablo's and been around the site since middle 2000's I believe. Never really joined up, and figured I might as well create an account and be more active. Currently, I've got a 70 monk, 70 WD, and working on a 70 DH. I'm playing softcore atm, but debating on switching to hardcore. Enjoying the game since the 2.0 and RoS release, and currently in the main INC1 clan.


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Hey all!
Real name John, known as Voozle on the forum, and TheZugg in a load of other things and on BNet.

32 years old, and have been playing Diablo since its inception, mainly single player, although I was on D1 BNet a lot back in the day.
Only got the one 70 at the moment, and thats my baby DH, but working on a Crusader, Barb and Monk at the moment too :)

Only really started D2 a few weeks before RoS, and just joined INC2 - so hopefully see you all ingame :)


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"If I didn't say anything, people always assumed the worse."

Bnet tag is DevilPoup, and yes it rhymes with soup. I'm also a Pearl Jam fan.


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Hi my name's Carl and my Bnet name is Obelus. I live in Edinburgh and play in the INC2 EU clan.
I've been playing Diablo games since the original D1 and played through Hellfire, D2, LoD and classic D3.
My main has always been a magic user but I'm currently trying to get 1 level 70 of each class so I have other options but my Wizard (Vrelliana) will always come first. After that I'd like to give HC a try as it's becoming more and more appealing.
Loving the Podcast and the community so far and RoS is fantastic.
Cya in game.


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My name is Joe...and...I have a gaming problem....oh wait...

Anyways, I am Darkrealm WoW player since 2004 and Diablo player since 1999. I go by Dark in game, but feel free to call me Joe. I might respond. HA

I play mostly HC these days to keep my focused on the game, but I have several SC toons as well. Please feel free to ask for help and if I am not in a set group run I will be happy to help.

Wizard is what I play the most and can give you the most feedback on(for what it's worth).

Dark#1181 Battle net
Dàrkreàlm - Uldaman WoW


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Hi, my name is Quetzal. I've been a part of the Diablo world for well... decades. I got into Diablo I towards the end but really got into things with DII. I'm sure it lowered my college GPA by a couple decimals. I have always been partial to the archer/ranger in games and sure enough the demon hunter is my most played class in D3. I just started up RoS and am getting back in the swing of things after an absence of a few months. Look forward to seeing you all in game. Battle Net name is MortalLegion#1931.
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I have been a member on IncHC on Europe for a few weeks. Hello fellow Inc clan members. I have alread lost 3 level 70's but I nearly have another 3 level 70's crusader, wizzard and witch doctor.


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Hi, Andy here, been a reader of the websight since about '98 (I know!!) a long long time, Im from the UK mostly play barb and now crusader. most often on HC. Can't find the gamers inc hard core EU clan so have applied to Join EU2, Look forward to see you in Game