Introduction Into SPF


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Introduction Into SPF

Hello, I'm Niyougegema, also known as Chickenboy over at another forum...
Haven't really posted much here, made a guide once, lol...

Anyway, I thought I'd just introduce myself.
I'm an 18 year old Uni student from Melbourne, Australia, who has been playing D2 for ages. Kinda lost touch with it for a while, but am getting back into the swing of things now. I've been playing SP vanilla the entire time, never really wanted to go onto cos of dupes and haxxor noobs lol gimmie rush HF or hr plz!!!111!!one!

Here's a list of my characters, and a short description of them.

TheChosen-One: My lvl93 Strafe LF zon, fun fun fun...

TheChosen-Two: My lvl88 Assassin, DTalon Lightning Trapper.

TheChosen-Three: My newest char, a lvl84 Poison Summoner Necro, Trangs set and PoisFacets, also good fun.

TheChosen-Six: My other lvl93 char (93.5 now), a MF Meteorb Sorc.

TheChosen-Seven: My lvl90 Windy druid.

Triarch: My lvl89 Tri-elementalist Sorc, Orb-CL-Hydra (All evenly skill allotted, so not just another orb sorc)

TheBoyWhoCried: My lvl82 Wolfie, with a windhammer, gotta love twister.

BlackMamba: My other sin, lvl84 DTail TSrike and CoT, really fun too play, awsome build.

Storm: The is the char I built my guide on, it's in the build guide page (Under Elemental Druid). Not the best char but quite cool. Maxed Armmaggeddon, Huricane and Tornado, and then synergies. Tried to make the two sides of the tree as balanced as possible. Lvl92, not all powerful, but damn looks cool.

All these chars are post synergy thingo, completely started again.

My Best Find: An Ohm rune found in an LK run, that was sweeeet.
2nd Best Find: Azurewrath. Nuff said!
3rd Best Find: Either My Windforce or +29 Mara's.

My Favorite item: My super cool 'Call To Arms' 4/3/5 Military Pick I made with My Best Find...

I don't use RWM/RRM and I don't trade all that often. I have been known to duel occasionally, and enjoy TCP/IP questing or running.

My ultimate aims are either to:
Complete my TheChosen character set (Only 2 left, Barb and Paladin)
Find a Tyreals Might (Got my second templar's yesterday) :badteeth:
Find a Zod :grin:
Get my Windy Druid up as high as I can (95+ maybe, halfway to a Vex for his Hoto, then he'll be set)

Thankyou for reading this, hope I'll be speaking to you all soon...


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Wow! Nice characters. I've made a few but kept my tri-elementalist and hammerdin. Anyway, welcome to the SPF! :smiley:


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Welcome to the forum Niyougegema. Are you a chinese?
No I'm not, and I understand why you asked...

Ages ago, in year 7, our class made a rap for chinese (sounded like a good idea at the time :afro: ), called Niyougegema, 'do you have a big brother'. I guess the name just stuck with me!

Anyway I'm half italian, half maltese FYI...



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Welcome back! We give out cookies now and you've earned a few extra, you can always stop by the EMB to pick them up. Don't mind the shin kickers, they mean well and don't forget to check the SPF FAQs, we've changed a bit over the years.


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*evil shin kicker*
welcome to the SPF
*kick Niyougegema shin*
dr00d are nice and always fun


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Welcome to the SPF. Make sure to read the stickies and then stop in the Bar.

Interesting to see your true tri-elementalist. Same set up as mine; what merc did you go with? I swap between Act 1 and Act 2 HF. I would be interested in knowing how you coped with Hell.

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Welcome back.:wave: Read the stickies and enjoy your cookies. Hope your shins don't hurt to bad. If they do, stop by the EMB and I'll see what I can do to help you forget about that.


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<Standard greeting> to you, <user name>

Welcome to the <location> !


see you around