Introduction and plans for the future. (Diablo 2 World Championships)


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Introduction and plans for the future. (Diablo 2 World Championships)

Hello, my name is colin and i have been playing diablo for 7 years. I've enjoyed most of my time playing this game but i need some sort of spark put back into it. I have taken a 6 month break, minus dabbeling in the eastern sun mod i have been relativley inactive. I use to be one of the best melee duelers period. I have also been known for my countless hours of manual magic finding and leveling runs. I was the first complete hammerdin on battlenet 2 seasons in a row. It took me only 10 days to get everything necessary including annihilus.

I have experience in this game unparalleled as far as i know. I have been shown that this forum is very active. I would like to thank you all for allowing me to come into this community and potentially host the greatest tournement of all time. But unlike other tournements this will be a massive tournement, that will have many ways of scoring. Each player will be given points for participation in special events as well as the main objectives of the tournement.

I understand that basic small mods are accepted here so my plans will incorperate these or one made by myself to make the tournement effective. I currently am debating between a single character or multi character tournement. Each of these tournement ideas will require time invested but will be over a long period of time to complete and compete. There will be scoring, restrictions etc... everything a tournement needs to be successful. I understand people here are honorable, so this is why i have chosen this place to host my tournement.

The basic premis is to have a world championship tournement. The details are currently being worked out, but because they are "championships" they must include a PVP aspect. Once i determine all of the factors, then i will make a thread regarding the rules and things of that nature. This tournement should be starting in late november and will last a minimum of 6 months. There will be many catagories in which you can compete in this tournement so everyone can play the way they wish, the way the game is suppose to be played in my personal opinion... to have fun in a competetive atmosphere.

I would like to ask those people whom are experience in running or have participated in many tournements in the past to please give me a private message if you are interested in being part of the staff who run this tournement. I need people to help run this and keep it as legitamate as possible. Basically i need people to make sure people are not "duping" items or anything like that because i simply will not have the time to do that.

Thank you for your time and i hope you enjoyed reading this,


If you wish to contact me about this for live conversation you can contact me with the following information:

Skype: Shodokan123
AIM: Sh0d0kan
Yahoo: Darkshodokan
Msn: [email protected]


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Welcome to he SPF.

The only mods welcome here are the RWM which allows the ladder runewords to be used and RRM which changes the rune text to red ingame to make them stand out.

Have fun and good luck with your tournament. :thumbsup:


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Alright, that is no problem... i didn't have a full understanding if i could allow people to use a similar mod but with a few new features...None of which change the gameplay to any large extent.

Thanks for clearing that up.


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Well... You seem to be very ambitious. I have accomplished a few things as well (RL more then diablo though :laugh: ), but I don't tell everyone as soon as I introduce myself. Seems a bit pompous.

But I bet (and hope) you did do it on purpose, so: Welcome!


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*kick Shodokan shin for a too long intro*

Well, i want people to understand that i fully intend on participating in this as well as run it. I am currently working on some ideas... so look out for them soon.

I hope to have the rules and idea done by this weekend.

Don't mistake my confidence in my abilities for arrogance. I just felt i should give some background on myself and my career in this game. I could have gone on much longer lol. I'm not conceited, but i'm not modest either. I know i have skill when it comes to this game, as well as others. I see no reason not to excentuate my posative attributes to hide the negative.



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thx sint, it will help me organize it. It's going to be a HUGE tournement, and will probrably have a 1 year period.

I've decided that it will be a team and single person effort, there will be qualifiers as well.

It will have PVM and PVP point systems, as well as point systems for amount of runs done for specific bosses and such. Certain ones will give more points, etc...


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Welcome to the SPF, enjoy your stay... You may want to be around a while longer before you start hosting your "huge" tourney. People here aren't really into self glorifying, especially from b.netters...

Anyway you ain't that old.... Happy belated 18th B-day by the way.

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Welcome to the forum.:wave: Read the stickies, watch out for the squid, and enjoy w_m's cookies from her goodie basket. They're the best. The tournament sounds interesting. If it runs six months I should be able to play.

Stop by the EMB some time and have a beer on me.