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Hey, it turns out I did make an account here ages ago after all, saves me 5 minutes!

I recently got back into playing Diablo II after quite a few years, and remembered that I used to lurk here like crazy, and always liked the tight-knit community that exists here. Now that I'm a bit older and living the dad-life, Single Player is about the only thing that makes sense at this point. Lets me play at my own pace, and with a toddler running around, I NEED to be able to pause. I endeavour to spend more time here and hopefully get to know some of you. Now, for the REAL novel.

I've been playing on my own for about a month-and-a-half now, save for a bit of spelunking on a private server, which... doesn't really work for me, considered the aforementioned dad-life. However... I've been playing... a certain banned mod that initially revolved around having lots of stash space, for 1.13c. I am well aware of the rules here regarding this mod and others, and so I have a few questions about moving forward, and what I need to do to wipe the slate clean, so to speak. If that makes me "one of those guys who used to play said banned mod" and thus makes me untrustworthy to any degree, or leaves some kind of stain on my SPF reputation, so be it, I felt it necessary to be honest.

The characters I did create had in fact used stat and skill respecs at a few points, as I tinkered with some skills I had barely ever used in my 17+ years of having played this game. Because of this, I completely understand that these characters need to be deleted at the very least for it to be considered a fresh start here on the SPF. My main concern here is all the items I had found, on my own, with my MF Meteorb Sorc during this time. I would like the members here to be completely honest and blunt with me, am I allowed to keep these items going forward? Or, because these items were obtained with a character that did not entirely adhere to the natural SP experience, do they need to be deleted as well if I wish to start off in relatively good standing with the SPF?
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Hi @AlexTheNextOne please can you edit your post to remove the reference to the banned mod?

Unfortunately, everything you found is tainted, the only option is to do a fresh install and delete all characters, items and stashes to be considered taint free.

Since you are doing a clean restart anyway, you may as well join the untwinked 99er tourney!


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Hey Alex,

Like iou says, nothing stays. No characters, no items, no map seeds, no nothing. The SPF experience doesn't include anything obtained using non-SPF methods.

Our mod, maxicek, will probably be along shortly to close this thread, as our mods prefer these kinds of questions and issues to be PMed to them, rather than aired in public. Particularly, the naming of non-SPF mods is a big no no.

Hope to see you back here soon with a fresh start!


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Alright, I have completely deleted <banned mod> and my Diablo II installation, but am now wondering what version of the game I need for GoMule, as well as the RWM (clicking the link here gave me a 404, by the way).


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Welcome here. @ioupainmax has got you covered it seems. Just start over from scratch, join the untwinked 99er madness (optional but highly recommended) and have fun.

Don't worry about that mod. You have been honest, you don't use it anymore and you start over fresh ... Ready to have fun with the great people here. Your future looks bright.


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Welcome, and definitely +1 to joining the untwinked 99er action, even more so when starting fresh completely!


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The pausing aspect of the game was also a big reason I returned to D2.

I was playing LoL, and inevitably the queue would pop - just as the word “honey!” would be shouted three rooms away. I’m not sure, but I think it always meant something like: something bad is happening/will happen/has happened - and never once was it a eureka moment discovering a stash of sweet sticky substance.

Welcome back, and enjoy your stay.


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Welcome to the SPF and thanks for saving me the job of cleaning up the first post :)

As has already been said, you need to delete all characters and items. See the section on "taint" in the rules. I think you will find the full interaction with the community makes up for the little extra effort.

PM me if you have any questions.


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Alright, as previously posted, <banned mod> has been completely deleted, I have a fresh installation of Diablo II, and I have managed to get GoMule working, as well as RWM, though I suppose we'll see if I really did properly set up the latter when it comes time to make a ladder-only runeword. I am also running version 1.14d of the game.

I suppose this is all I need to get going, I don't particularly care for the rune colouration, and I don't even really know what singling is.

Is there anything I could do at this point to provide proof to the community that I have indeed started completely fresh and SPF-friendly? Do I PM a mod with specific information? Do I post picture or a video? Is any of that even necessary?

As for the Untwinked Level 99 Challenge, I'm definitely considering it, though I think the hardest part of it will be balancing which character I want to use, vs. which character(s) I think are best suited for such a feat.


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Welcome! I actually started the FAM SP experience for the exact same reason, the pause button is literally bae when it comes to little man ripping off a diaper to spread his surprise across 98% of the surface of his toys. +1 for the Untwinked 99er community, it’s a really great long term project.
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About this “taint” section.....

Sorry I couldn’t help it. Somebody had to do it.

Anyways, welcome, and it’s cool to see somebody willing to start over fresh to fit in with a more legit way of playing the game. Have fun!!!


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Welcome back. As you can see, most of us have kids. It's always nice to be able to pause and attend what matters most.