Introduction - Again


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Introduction - Again

So, I gave up Diablo 2 a while ago for a variety of reasons. (computer crash, real life, etc) and hadn't thought about starting it up again until recently. I got a new computer which could run newer games (Dungeon Siege 2, Kohan 2, and many more) and these held my attention for a while.

Recently however, I lent my Diablo 2 to a friend and introduced him to and in doing so found the forums again, and now, the game is about to be reinstalled and I am going to start again.

I was around a lot in 2004 and the start of 2005 and ran a tournament, which I seem to remember died a horrible death. And now I'm back. (Let's see who remembers me)

[puts shinguards on]


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Welcome back! :wave:
*Kicks Gaz's shins with such force that it shakes the room*
That's so that you don't leave again! :grin: (That was fun)

Hmm, don't need to let you know anything, as you already know it. Enjoy your stay, have a drink on my at the EMB, and take it easy. :thumbsup:

Drystan :smiley:

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Welcome back.:wave: Always nice to see someone returning back to the light.

Stop by the EMB and have a drink on me. You can catch up on what has been going during your absents and have a few of w_m's cookies too.:grin:


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Hi, I remember you from my own tournies. Something has changed here, but tournies are still fun.


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Welcome back!
Enjoy a drink at the EMB (Looks like you already have several offers)
Get loads of cookies from W-M
Have fun.