Introducing Patriarch Furious_D!


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Introducing Patriarch Furious_D!

He's been sitting naked at the beginning of Act 5 for 6 months. I finallly gave him some good gear and polished it off. Fun, fun character to play!

Patriarch Furious_D
Fury Druid
lvl 86

Stats (w/gear):
Str: 183(203)
Dex: 64(97)
Vit: 251(251)
Energy: 22(52)

Defense - 3084
Fire resist - 75
Cold resist - 75
Lightning resist - 75
Poison resists - 36

Fury - 20
HoW - 18
WW - 20
Lycanthropy - 20
Feral Rage - 11
Grizz - 1

AR = 10,142

And my personal favorite stats,
DAMAGE = 4105 - 6227 (5166 average)
65% CB
41% DS


Jalals (Um) - wasted this back when I was planing 4 druid chars. Whoops.
'Smoke' armor
Laying of Hands
Highlord's Wrath
Gore Riders
Wilherlm's Pride
Raven Frost/rare with mana leech, AR, resists
Dark Clan Crusher/Sigons shield for pre-buff
and the clincher, the big stick, my upgraded Ribcracker!

Two-Hand Damage: 343 to 507
Durability: 83 of 130
Required Dexterity: 35
Required Strength: 63
Required Level: 56
Staff Class - Very Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 58
Fingerprint: 0xee4576e4
+15 to Dexterity
+100% Enhanced Defense
+314% Enhanced Damage
+3 to Minimum Damage
+65 to Maximum Damage
+100 Defense
+100 Maximum Durability
Required Level +7
50% Increased Attack Speed
50% Faster Hit Recovery
179% Damage to Undead
+40 to Attack Rating against Undead
50% Chance of Crushing Blow
Socketed (1: 1 used)

I made him right about the time I started figuring this game out, so his stats are kind of all over the place but his skills were set up nicely. With good equipment, he OWNS Hell diff. I mean seriously, nearly 7500 average damage (including the DS over time) and 65% CB! And demons? Forget about it! I took out several Unique/champ demons at /p4 in only one Fury attack! With all the leech from Feral, as long as enemies were leechable I was nearly immortal and they were good as dead. Fun, fun stuff. Just make sure you get that grizz - you'll get ripped apart without it to distract the packs.


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I like furydruids, they kick ass. Which merc did you employ btw? My furydruid has a defiance mercenary, but it didn't really do anything but letting his Stone armor shine...


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Congratulations:) Sweet character! What enhanced damage did your Ribcracker have? And what did you do about the shifters most hated enemies...the PI's?


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Congrats, furydruid is one of my favourite melee builds :thumbsup:

I think you should have socketed Shael to your Ribcracker instead of that ED jewel to reach 5 frame Fury :)


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Life was 2375. I socketed the jewel without consulting the calculator, and after trying it out it didn't really bother me. When one Fury kills just about anything in reach, a couple more frames isn't that big a deal. I used a Might merc, which really boosted my damage. PIs...well for most of his career he actually used the IK maul and 3 other pieces, so that was okay. After I re-equiped him, the Decrep on the Reaper's Toll removed the PI on everything I ran into in Act 5.